Y&R Recap: Victor Decides To Merge SNA With Newman Media

What’s Victor Newman planning?

the young and the restless recap for august 24, 2023, has adam, sharon, and nick facing victor.Victor Newman changes his mind.

The Young and the Restless recap for Thursday, August 24, 2023, brings a stunning reversal from Victor about SNA and Newman Media.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Also in this episode, Billy tries to get information out of Tucker. Adam tries to trade information on Tucker with Billy. Victoria tries to get information out of Ashley, and Ashley tells Tucker she’s having second thoughts about giving up their war with Jack. Now let’s dig deeper into what happened.

Young and the Restless: Business Planning

Nate (Sean Dominic) showed up at the ranch. He told Victor (Eric Braeden) that the plans for SNA Media lacked cohesion, and he worried that Adam was focused solely on merging Newman Media and SNA Media. Victor assured him it was taken care of, but Nate thought it was a huge red flag.

Victor wanted Nate’s thoughts on how to do things. He told the older businessman that the merging of Kirsten and McCall wasn’t a great plan. Nate advised Victor to strip Kirsten down to its essentials and fold it into Newman Media. Nate predicted that Victor would eventually merge the whole thing with Newman Media, and he wondered why Victor was asking him.

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Nick (Joshua Morrow) showed up as Nate left. Victor updated Nick on Nate’s perspective about SNA Media. Nick firmly told Victor he would not work alongside Nate. Victor assured his son that he wasn’t planning for Nate to work at SNA Media, but Nick didn’t feel reassured. Nick warned his father that Nate would stab anybody, including Victoria, in the back to get ahead.

Sharon (Sharon Case) and Adam joined Nick and Victor at the ranch. Victor announced he had a new plan for their company. He said the plan was to fold SNA into Newman Media, and Adam wanted to know what the catch was.

Young and the Restless Recap: Questioning

Earlier, Billy (Jason Thompson) found Tucker (Trevor St. John) at the bar in the jazz lounge. He wanted an update on the newlyweds’ plans for Jack. Tucker denied they still had a plan, given Jack’s wedding gift. Billy warned Tucker that Diane would still try to get a seat on the board, but Tucker pointed out that it was Jack’s problem.

Ultimately, Tucker said he saw through Billy, accusing him of wanting to run Jabot on his own, and he said the war with Jack wasn’t worth it. Billy didn’t believe it, though. Tucker suggested that Billy figure out how to dethrone Diane on his own.

Victoria (Amelia Heinle) confronted Ashley (Eileen Davidson) at the bar at Society. She wanted the details of Ashley leaving Jabot, but Victoria also admitted she felt Ashley was trying to take the company from Jack.

Ashley denied Victoria’s claim, and she said she was merely in love. Victoria said she had a similar family drama happening over her family’s company. Ultimately, Ashley wanted Victoria to level with her, and Victoria said her concern was about Billy, but Ashley assured he’d be just fine. They kept talking about business and family drama, but Victoria didn’t quite buy what Ashley was selling.

On the way out of the GCAC, Tucker ran into Adam (Mark Grossman). He goaded the younger man about falling in his blackmail attempts, and Adam snarked back at him about Ashley. Adam still hinted he might make the emails public, but Tucker called his bluff. Billy walked up and asked what was going on, but neither man was truthful.

Tucker left, and Billy asked Adam how Chelsea and Connor were doing. Adam revealed that Chelsea and Connor stayed at Anita’s so the little boy could go to the therapeutic school. Billy said he was sorry Adam was dealing with it, but Adam called him out on buttering him up to learn more about Tucker. Billy denied it, though. Hypothetically, Adam offered to trade information about Tucker should the person do him a favor, but Billy didn’t bite.

Y&R Recap: New Plans

In his suite, Tucker texted Audra about Adam. Ashley walked in, and he wanted to know what was wrong. She admitted that she couldn’t step away like they’d planned. Ashley didn’t want to let Diane win. Tucker wasn’t happy at all. She just wanted to be able to talk about her feelings, and Tucker apologized.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria left Billy a message to call her back regarding his family. Nate walked in and asked what she was doing. She told him, and Nate wondered if she’d care about him the same way if they became exes, but Victoria snapped that it wasn’t the same. He updated Victoria a bit about his meeting with Victor. Nate wondered what Victor might have planned. Victoria told Nate it seemed like he was fishing for a promotion at Newman Enterprises.

Billy went to the Abbott mansion and updated Jack (Peter Bergman) that he believed Tucker that he and Ashley planned to give up their war. Jack didn’t think Ashley would be on board, though. Billy also let Jack know that Adam had damaging information about Tucker he wanted to trade. Jack wondered why Billy seemed disappointed that they wouldn’t have a battle to fight with Ashley and Tucker.

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