Y&R Recap For November 18: Chelsea Tells Connor Just About Everything

They had a difficult, emotional conversation.

Y&R recap for Friday, November 18, 2022

The Y&R recap for Friday, November 18, 2022, brings an emotional family conversation, a declaration of war, a huge new idea, and so much more.

Y&R Recap Highlights

Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) and Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) told Connor Newman (Judah Mackey) just about everything that happened. Elsewhere, Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) dropped a new bombshell on Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman), and later, she put Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) and Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John) on blast about a war. Jack interrupted Abby Newman Abbot Chancellor (Melissa Ordway) and Ashley Abbott’s (Eileen Davidson) important talk to give Ashley hell over Diane. Now, let’s take a deeper look at what happened.

Young and the Restless: A New Beginning

Chelsea started to tell Connor about what happened to her. He instantly worried that his mom was sick again. Adam asked the little boy to give her some time to fully explain. Chelsea compared what happened to her last year with what just happened, and she admitted she felt it was best to go back to the hospital.

Chelsea asked Connor if he knew what depression was. Connor cried and worried that he’d made Chelsea sad. He apologized, and Chelsea seemed distraught. Both Adam and Chelsea reassured their son that nothing that happened was Connor’s fault. Chelsea tried to cheer him up by telling him that things were turning around.

She continued explaining that she’s struggled with work, losing Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso), and Johnny Abbott (Paxton Mishkind) not taking the news that she was his biological mother the way she’d hoped. Even so, Chelsea let Connor know that it wasn’t Johnny’s fault because he was allowed to have his own feelings. Chelsea reassured Connor that she was working really hard with her doctors to get better.

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Connor asked if Chelsea was better, and she told him honestly that she had a mental illness, and she needed help to learn how to manage it. Chelsea said it will take her some time. Connor wanted to know how she knew it was bad enough that she needed to go to the hospital. Chelsea explained how badly things hurt, and Connor wondered if it was so bad that she wanted to die. 

Connor said he wasn’t a kid anymore, and he revealed that he knew what it meant to unalive yourself. Both Adam and Chelsea seemed shocked that he’d learned about that online. Chelsea admitted, though, that she had felt that way, but she promised she’d work hard so that she’d never feel that way again. Connor declared he’d help his mom.

Both Adam and Chelsea let Connor know that they could talk about whatever he wanted without any shame. They told him if he didn’t want to talk to them, he could talk to Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) or a teacher at school. Chelsea reiterated that she had an illness and she was in treatment to get better. Connor asked Adam if he could stay the night with his mom, and he said yes, leaving to go get his things from the ranch. 

Once they were alone, Chelsea told Connor that it wasn’t his job to take care of her. She promised her son she’d get better and they’d have a lifetime to have fun together.

Y&R Recap: War

At Jabot, Diane wanted to talk with Jack, and he really wasn’t interested. He said every time he talked to her there was some new fresh hell to worry about. Diane dropped the bombshell that Tucker had asked Diane to give him documents about Jabot’s financial health. She insisted that she never gave Tucker anything, though.

Jack and Diane The Young and the Restless

Jack wasn’t impressed. In fact, he was furious, and he wondered why Diane waited until now to reveal this critical information. He reiterated that there was always one more lie and deception when it came to Diane. Diane played the victim and whined about how she had little hope. Jack still wasn’t moved. He wanted to know how many times he’d given Diane the opportunity to come clean.

Diane did get Jack’s attention, though, by mentioning that Tucker was using Jeremy Stark (James Hyde) to get back at her. She explained what Tucker told Ashley about her involvement with Jeremy. Diane also told Jack that Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis threatened to tell Jeremy that she helped put him away.

Jack calmed down a bit, and he admitted he appreciated that Diane had told him the truth in time to prepare Jabot. He wanted to know how much she’d told Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) about it, and she said she hadn’t let their son in on the latest, and Jack understood. Even so, Jack wanted to know if Diane had a hand in putting Jeremy behind bars. She admitted she’d made a deal for immunity by turning him in anonymously. She insisted that nobody else could know, and Diane brought up Ashley’s involvement. 

Phyllis ran into Tucker at Society. She offered to buy him a drink, but he seemed reluctant. She toasted him, thanking him for giving Ashley the details about Jeremy Stark. Phyllis wanted Tucker to be honest with her, though. She asked why he returned to Genoa City. Tucker gave Diane his same line about being solely focused on Ashley, but Phyllis wasn’t convinced.

Phyllis and Tucker Y&R Recap

As Tucker prepared to leave, Diane stomped in, telling Tucker and Phyllis that she’d told Jack everything. She warned them to be on guard because they were officially at war.

At the Abbott mansion, Abby cried to her mom about the situation with Chance. She explained that her marriage might be over. Ashley was shocked, and she instantly worried that Chance had cheated on Abby, but Abby admitted she was the cheater. Ashley was surprised, but she assumed it was a meaningless mistake with somebody she’d never see again. However, Abby revealed that she’d slept with Devon Hamilton (Bryton James). Ashley hugged Abby and said that sometimes things just happen.

Abby and Ashley The Young and the Restless

Ashley expressed that Abby and Chance could work things out, but Abby wasn’t so sure. She advised her daughter to change her relationship with Devon, and Abby was incredulous. Ashley explained that if her daughter really wanted to work things out, she’d have to distance herself from Devon.

Jack came in and interrupted them. Abby left, and he confronted his sister about interfering with Diane. Ashley told Jack that just because he said it didn’t mean she’d do it. Jack yelled at his sister, and she called him out on taking up for Diane while pretending it was to protect Kyle.

Ashley and Jack Y&R Recap

He dropped the bombshell that Tucker wanted information about Jabot. Jack blamed Ashley for being Tucker’s unwitting accomplice. The look on Ashley’s face showed she understood precisely what her brother meant.

Y&R Recap: A Big Idea

In her hotel room, Sally and Nick enjoyed a drink, and they discussed Nate Hasting’s (Sean Dominic) taking over at Newman Media, and Nick wasn’t so sure things would go well. He asked Sally to take his offer of a loan seriously. Sally immediately pointed out that she wanted it to be perfectly clear that she wasn’t trying to manipulate a romantic situation. 

Nick told Sally that he didn’t think she was manipulating the situation at all, but he wanted her to feel comfortable with the loan. Nick said Sally meant a lot to him, but he said it didn’t have anything to do with his loan offer. Nick revealed he’d noticed well before they got together that Sally was an excellent designer, and he wanted to help her become a powerhouse. 

Sally just had one more problem – she didn’t want to start another fashion line. Managing Newman Media made her realize she was capable of more than just designing dresses. Sally didn’t want to take a step back, and she wanted to start something new. Maybe interior design or event planning would be something that interested her. Nick was supportive, and he offered to be by her side, helping her figure it out if she wanted him to.

Sally and Jack The Young and the Restless

Ultimately, Sally turned down Nick’s offer after telling him that his belief in her meant a lot. Nick worried that Chloe Mitchell Fisher (Elizabeth Hendrickson) wouldn’t be happy. Even so, Sally said that she wanted to succeed on her own without a rich, powerful man bankrolling her. Nick agreed her desire made sense. Sally pointed out that Nick could be by her side if that’s what he wanted, and they ended up defining the relationship by expressing their hope that the relationship is going somewhere. 

They took things to the bed and enjoyed some adult time. Nick went to take a shower before they went out to celebrate, and Sally grabbed her tablet, seemingly inspired. Nick returned, and Sally showed him her plans, and Nick was amazed. Sally declared she wanted to be there with him.

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