Y&R Recap For December 15: Sally Tells Adam She & Nick Are Official

The exes seemed to be cordial when they met.

Y&R recap for Thursday, December 15, 2022 Sally spreads her news

The Y&R recap for Thursday, December 15, 2022, brings more amends, a shocking announcement, an I told you so, and so much more.

Y&R Recap Highlights

Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) dispensed advice at Crimson Lights, while Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) made her amends to Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle). Noah Newman (Rory Gibson) told Allie Nguyen (Kelsey Wang) the truth. Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) and Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) made it official right after Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) warned him not to. Later Sally told Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) the news. Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) threw a pity party after Summer Newman Abbott (Allison Lanier) fired her from Marchetti, and Lauren Fenmore Baldwin (Tracey Bregman) stood by as Michael Baldwin (Christian Le Blanc) reminded Phyllis he’d told her so. Let’s dig deeper into what happened.

Young and the Restless: Advice And Coffee

At Crimson Lights, Sharon sensed something was off with Chelsea, so she tried to get to the bottom of it. Chelsea denied feeling uncomfortable, but she admitted that being in the world felt strange and intimidating to her. She confessed that Crimson Lights was the only public place that felt safe for her.

Sharon advised Chelsea to take a step or two outside of her comfort zone. Chelsea knew she needed to, but she admitted that walking outside felt like taking on the world, and she wasn’t sure she was ready. Sharon talked about how looking at the world through her new lens would be so much better for Chelsea. She admitted her therapist agreed, as long as she took it slowly.

Chelsea’s growth made Sharon reflect on how rewarding it was to be a therapist. Victoria walked in, and she greeted Chelsea cautiously. Chelsea asked Victoria for a moment, but Victoria said she was meeting a car, but then changed her mind and said she had a few minutes.

Melissa Claire Egan, Amelia Heinle
"The Young and the Restless"

Y&R Recap: Chelsea’s Apology Tour Continues

They went upstairs, and Chelsea told Victoria she wanted to make amends for trying to destroy her marriage. Victoria didn’t disagree with Chelsea’s characterizations, but she noted it was a long time ago. Chelsea also apologized for selfishly insisting that they tell Johnny Abbott (Paxton Mishkind) the truth. Victoria appreciated Chelsea’s efforts to apologize. However, Victoria expressed that she had some concerns.

Victoria wanted to know what Chelsea’s intentions regarding Johnny were, and Chelsea reiterated that she had no intention of butting into his life anymore. Chelsea told Victoria how lucky Johnny was to have her, and Victoria was touched, expressing how much she loved the boy.

At the coffee shop, Noah and Allie walked in, and Sharon greeted them. Allie had recently had a research breakthrough, and then she got a phone call from Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) and left to take it. While she was gone, Noah told Sharon how great Allie was, but Sharon didn’t seem happy. She told Noah that Audra Charles (Zuleyka Silver) had been there looking for him.

Kelsey Wang, Rory Gibson
"The Young and the Restless"

Allie overheard, and Sharon stepped away. Allie talked about Audra’s nerve, and she wanted to know what Noah hadn’t told her. He admitted that Audra had come to see him at the club, and she kissed him. Noah said he pulled away and stopped it immediately. Allie wanted to know if she needed to be worried.

Y&R Recap: You’re Fired

Phyllis confronted Summer at Society, and she wanted to know if Summer was going to follow Jack Abbott’s (Peter Bergman) advice and fire her from Marchetti. Phyllis wanted credit for not selling out Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) to Jeremy Stark (James Hyde). Summer wasn’t convinced, but Phyllis pointed out the whole thing was still Diane’s fault when all was said and done.

Summer pointed out that everybody — including herself and her mother — needed second chances sometimes. Even so, Phyllis said that there was no way Summer really trusted Diane. Summer denied that what was happening had anything to do with her feelings about Diane. Phyllis told Summer that Diane was going to hurt Kyle again. A waiter brought over a drink, from Adam, and he advised them to keep it down, which made Phyllis yell about how she shouldn’t be punished.

Michelle Stafford, Allison Lanier, Mark Grossman
"The Young and the Restless"

Summer told her mom to stop, and she pointed out that there was more going on. She explained to Phyllis how it hurt Harrison Locke (Kellen Enriquez) for Diane to leave. Summer also noted that Kyle once again didn’t get to say goodbye to his mom. Phyllis still blamed it all on Diane and discounted everything her daughter said. Phyllis also reiterated that she refused to tell Jeremy where Diane was, which helped her.

Summer was frustrated that her mom didn’t even care. Phyllis flippantly said she wanted to know what Kyle and Summer thought, and Summer dropped the bombshell that Phyllis was fired from Marchetti. Phyllis couldn’t believe it. Before she left, Summer told her mom to think about how she should be accountable for her actions. Summer hoped it’d be a learning experience for Phyllis.

Lauren and Michael showed up and said hello to Phyllis. She didn’t have anything nice to say to her friends, though. She blamed Lauren for giving her bad Diane advice and blamed Michael for not uncovering Diane’s skeletons. Phyllis mentioned Jeremy, which piqued Lauren’s interest, so he explained the details. Michael reminded Phyllis that he’d told her so. Phyllis threw herself a huge pity party over being fired.

Y&R Recap: A New Beginning

Nikki and Nick talked business and how to handle things when Victoria was gone. Nick was shocked that Nikki wanted him to take a leadership role over her while Victoria was in Los Angeles on business. She reassured him that she wasn’t angling for him to become the co-Chief Executive Officer, though. Nikki did have one concern — Nick’s personal life.

Nick let his mom know that his personal life was…well…personal. Nikki whispered that she and Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) were worried about Nick’s relationship with Sally. He knew, and he wasn’t worried about being at odds with Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) over things. Nikki wondered if he knew Sally faked a terminal illness — he did. Nikki asked her son why he’d bring another Ashland Locke (Robert Newman) into their family.

Nick declared that Sally had turned things around, and then Nikki reminded Nick that Sally had hurt Summer. However, Nick pointed out that it turned up roses for Summer. Ultimately, Nick had made his peace with things. Sally walked in, interrupting Nikki and Nick’s discussion.

Courtney Hope, Joshua Morrow
"The Young and the Restless"

Y&R Recap: Alone At Last

Nikki left, and Sally wondered if she should be concerned, but Nick said she shouldn’t. Sally asked Nick to take a look at her numbers for her new venture, and Nick said he liked what he saw, and he advised her to increase her budget a bit. Sally found herself getting turned on by Nick’s sexy business talk. Nick played into the whole thing, which made Sally think she might’ve been wrong. They got cozy, and Sally said how great things felt with Nick. He agreed.

Sally left to pick up her takeout from Society, and she joined Adam briefly at the bar. They talked a bit, and Sally thought Adam might lose his job if he doesn’t start showing up at Jabot, though. He wanted to know what Sally was doing, and she revealed her interior design company plans. Adam wished her success in her new venture, and he also hoped that Nick would bring her the happiness she deserved. Sally admitted that she and Nick had officially decided to start seeing each other.

As Sally left Society, she stopped by the table where Phyllis, Lauren, and Michael were. Sally announced her new venture and that she’d soon be Phyllis’s biggest competitor. After Sally left, Phyllis said, “everyone’s lost their damn mind.”

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