Young and the Restless Recap: Kyle Asks Summer To Move Out

The Y&R recap for Monday, June 26, 2023, brings a shocking moment for Kyle and Summer.

the young and the restless recap for june 26, 2023, has kyle asking summer to leave.Kyle Abbott asks his wife to leave their home.

The Young and the Restless recap brings a shocking moment when Kyle asks his wife to leave their home.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Diane and Jack (Peter Bergman) worry about their son. Ashley and Tucker decide on a new joint venture. Audra gives a distraught Kyle a listening ear. Chance makes a surprising proposal to Devon and Abby, and later, he offers to talk to Summer. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless: A New Venture

It looked like the shine may have worn off for Tucker (Trevor St. John). During drinks at the jazz lounge, he confronted Ashley (Eileen Davidson) about how much anger she has with Diane. He wondered when Ashley became her brother’s keeper, but she insisted Diane was a threat. For Tucker, it felt as if they needed a third place at the table because Diane was always on Ashley’s mind.

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Instead of continuing to focus on Diane, Tucker suggested that he and Ashley do something themselves. She wasn’t interested in taking over Jabot because that’d be stabbing her siblings in the back. Tucker proposed that they start something as a couple — Simply Ashley. She mentioned it’d hit Jack where it hurt, but Tucker wasn’t interested in what it might do to her brother. He wanted it to be theirs, so Ashley agreed, and they ordered champagne to toast their new business venture.

They went upstairs and hit the sheets. After, they discussed potential names for their new venture.

Young and the Restless Recap: A Marriage Implodes

At Society, Diane (Susan Walters) told Jack her latest scheme — to reunite Kyle and Summer. However, her plan to do it involved lying to Kyle and Summer about Harrison being upset. Jack was rightfully appalled to hear it.

The good news was that it didn’t actually work. Kyle felt like the whole story was off. Ultimately, Diane reported that she’d had to admit to their son that she exaggerated. Not surprisingly, Kyle wasn’t pleased to learn his mother had lied, and Summer wasn’t impressed either. The whole plan failed spectacularly, and she blamed herself due to her feud with Phyllis.

As for Summer and Kyle, at the Abbott mansion she begged him for a second chance, but he reminded her that she chose her mom over him. Kyle even suggested that Summer and Diane had cooked up the lie about Harrison in an attempt to get him to forgive Summer. Ultimately, Kyle wanted Summer to move out and have a formal separation.

When Jack and Diane got home, Kyle yelled at Diane for meddling. Jack tried to reassure his fiancée, but she worried Phyllis was having a good laugh at their expense. He perked her up by showing her the new press release announcing her promotion at Jabot.

Kyle ended up at the GCAC bar, and Audra (Zuleyka Silver) was there with a sympathetic ear. He bought her a drink.

Y&R Recap: A Surprising Proposal

Chance (Conner Floyd) showed up with Dominic at Abby (Melissa Ordway) and Devon’s (Bryton James). He revealed he couldn’t keep the baby because somebody called in sick at work. Ultimately, Chance proposed that Devon and Abby move into the Chancellor mansion because it was hard on Dom to switch back and forth, and he would get an apartment and visit as much as possible.

Devon and Abby were surprised but thought Chance’s idea had merit. He flashed back to buying the penthouse for Hilary (Mishael Morgan) and how furious she was because he hadn’t asked her first. Neil had died there, and it’s where Devon and Abby realized they were in love. Despite the memories of the penthouse, they thought it might be doable but didn’t make a firm decision.

Distraught, Summer went to Crimson Lights and texted her mother. Chance found her and said she looked like she needed somebody to talk to.

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