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Victoria Newman Makes Plans For Tucker’s Business Empire

The Y&R recap for Friday, January 27, 2023, brings Victoria Newman contemplating a major power play.

young and the restless recap victoria newman has her family in her ceo office at newman enterprisesThe Newmans

The Young and the Restless recap for today brings Victoria Newman scheming to get her hands on Tucker McCall’s business, and her family agrees…for the most part.

Y&R Recap Highlights

In addition to Victoria’s scheming with Victor (Eric Braeden), Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), and Nick, Tucker worked to get back into Audra’s good graces. Plus, Daniel took his mom to task over her meddling, and he ended up apologizing to Nate (Sean Dominic) about his mother jumping the gun. Finally, Billy and Chelsea made some future plans. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what happened.

Victoria Newman Plots A Corporate Takeover

The Newmans gathered in Victoria’s (Amelia Heinle) office. Nick, Nikki, and Victor were there, and the talk of the moment was Tucker. She had some real concerns because he’d indicated that he was looking for another target. Victoria really wanted to know why the man had returned to Genoa City, and she wondered who he’d go after next (just like she asked him the other day). Ultimately, Victoria wanted to go after Tucker’s business — McCall Unlimited.

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Victor informed his daughter that Michael looked into Tucker’s company and found out it was in loads of debt because he’d been on a spending spree (sounds like Victoria’s recent spree). Nikki expressed her surprise at that, but Victor said Tucker’s debts were coming due, and he wanted a lucrative company to help pay them.

Nick (Joshua Morrow) chimed in with his concerns about Newman Media hiring Audra (Zuleyka Silver). He felt wary of the woman and noted that she’d been involved with Tucker. Victor suggested that Audra keep working with Tucker, and Victoria also thought that was an advantageous plan. In fact, Victoria expressed her desire to pursue McCall Unlimted, and Nick worried that it’d make them a dangerous enemy.

Despite her brother’s concern, Victoria said she wanted to swoop in to pick up the company’s assets when it all fell apart for Tucker, and Victor agreed that it’d fit perfectly with Newman Enterprises’ portfolio. After Nick and Victoria left, Nikki asked her husband why he wanted to go after Tucker’s company. His answer? Adam (Mark Grossman) might be interested in one of the divisions. Nikki worried that Adam might not return, though.

Young and the Restless Recap: Meddling Mother

Daniel showed up at Phyllis’s hotel suite at The Grand Phoenix. He was angry that Phyllis pitched Omega Sphere behind his back, and he couldn’t believe his mom had been such an opportunist. Phyllis played it all off as her being exploratory, and she acted like he shouldn’t have a problem with it. After all, he needed a backup plan in case the deal with Chancellor-Winters went south.

However, Daniel reminded his mom that the whole platform was his and not hers, and he wasn’t interested in trusting his idea to virtual strangers. Phyllis admitted that she thought Chancellor-Winters was dumping him, and she didn’t give out any specific details about the project.

Daniel changed the subject to Tucker, and he let his mom know that the businessman had overheard her leaving a message for Nate. However, Phyllis warned her son that Tucker was a snake whom she wouldn’t even give a drop of water to in the middle of the desert. Daniel told his mom that Tucker even knew about him creating the game because Heather and Lucy left him.

Phyllis warned him that Tucker was manipulative, but Daniel didn’t see it that way. In fact, he let her know that he felt sure Chancellor-Winters would pan out, but if it didn’t, Tucker could be a viable alternative. She didn’t look too thrilled with that declaration.

Y&R Recap: Risky Business

At Newman Media, Nate (Sean Dominic) talked to Audra about Daniel’s (Michael Graziadei) gaming platform. He loved the idea, but Audra warned that Chancellor-Winters probably wouldn’t let Daniel out of his contract. Nate tried to pick her brain about the project, but Audra said she didn’t know anything about it.

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Nate automatically assumed that Devon had caused the problems for Chancellor-Winters, which was leading to uncertainty with their deal with Daniel. Audra and Nate talked about how they could pursue Daniel, and Audra got a text from Tucker, so she left.

Audra showed up at Tucker’s hotel suite. He was full of apologies about their last meeting. However, Audra cut to the chase. She wanted to know why he’d messaged her, and Tucker asked about Daniel’s gaming platform. That line of questioning didn’t surprise Audra at all. Tucker declared he wanted to mend the rift with his son or Ashley, but Audra didn’t buy it.

Ultimately, he admitted that he needed something to do, and Audra told Tucker to keep his hands off her. Tucker revealed that he missed her and called them good friends, but she pointed out that it was in the past. Despite her words, Tucker dropped to his knees and laid his head on her thighs. He started kissing her leg, and then they began making out.

After her time with Tucker, Audra went back to Newman Media and remained vague about where she’d been. Daniel showed up right as Audra let Nate know she was more interested in Omega Sphere. He apologized for Phyllis jumping the gun since Daniel is under contract.

audra and daniel at newman media
Audra and Daniel.

Even so, Nate asked him to stay because he wanted to sell Newman Media to him. Daniel let them know that he wasn’t planning to sell his platform to the highest bidder, and he was committed to Lily and Chancellor-Winters. After Daniel left, Nate was even more interested in the whole thing. Audra also let slip that Tucker wanted Daniel’s gaming platform too, which made Nate wonder how she knew.

Victoria and Nick went to Society, and she wanted to know why her brother wasn’t keen on going after McCall Unlimited. She also noticed that Nick seemed distant. Tucker happened upon them, and Victoria asked him to join them. Nick piped up and asked Tucker about his future plans, noting that McCall Unlimited was in trouble, but Tucker laughed that off.

Young and the Restless: More Than Friends

At Chelsea’s, Billy (Jason Thompson) stopped by to discuss her podcast idea. Unfortunately (or fortunately), for Chelsea, she’d discussed it with Dr. Malone. The therapist felt the podcast wasn’t the best idea for Chelsea at the moment since it was too soon to discuss all the trauma. Billy was happy that Chelsea was able to see her doctor’s wisdom and go along with it.

They went for a walk in the park, and they talked about Billy’s future. He wanted to hear Chelsea’s perspective on his life. After all, he’d had a lot of time to think since he’s been jobless, and Billy admitted that the highlight of his day was being with Chelsea.

Chelsea and Billy commiserated with each other about their respective struggles. They were both searching for a saving grace, and they’d both ended up striking out at love. Billy walked Chelsea home, and she invited him to dinner sometime. He said they’d figure it out and left.

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