Summer Newman Abbott Vows To Find The Truth About Phyllis’s Death

The Young and the Restless recap for Monday, April 10, 2023, brings Summer Newman Abbott moving forward with her suspicions.

summer newman abbott tells daniel she wants the truth in the young and the restless recap for april 10, 2023.Summer wants the truth on Young and the Restless.

The Young and the Restless recap brings Summer Newman Abbott telling her brother Daniel her thoughts about who was really behind Phyllis’s death.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Daniel (Michael Graziadei) revealed something beautiful he’d drawn for Phyllis. Billy let Jack know the rumors about Diane’s involvement in Phyllis’s death, and Ashley argued with Jack over his engagement to Diane. Sharon helped counsel Kyle after Summer pushed him away. Tucker tried to weave a beautiful tale for Ashley, but she wasn’t convinced. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless Recap: Twisted Tales

Ashley (Eileen Davidson) walked in on Jack (Peter Bergman) leaving a message to Nick (Joshua Morrow) about Phyllis’s (Michelle Stafford) death. She snarked at her brother over his engagement to Diane (Susan Walters), and he couldn’t believe she had such vitriol even after Phyllis had died.

Ashley let Jack have it over bringing Diane back into their company, home, and family. She blamed Jack’s engagement to Diane for Phyllis’s collapse and death. Ashley worried about Jack, and she suggested he could die like Phyllis did because he was involved with Diane.

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Jack reminded Ashley that Phyllis had spent the last several months of her life trying to get vengeance on Diane, and he blamed Phyllis for bringing on the stress. He said Ashley was doubling down on going after Diane instead of learning from Phyllis’s death. Ashley cried and said she’d keep fighting for her brother since he was too blind to do it himself.

Billy walked in as they both had tears in their eyes, and Ashley left. He said he could guess what it was about, and Billy wasn’t willing to defend Ashley. Jack pointed out that the tragedy was tearing them apart instead of bringing them together. Billy said he’d miss Phyllis, and Jack agreed. He warned Jack that people were looking for somebody to blame, and Billy said people had suggested maybe Diane was involved.

Jack went off about Jeremy blaming Diane, and Billy said he didn’t believe Diane had killed Phyllis. Billy said he wasn’t trying to cast aspersions on Diane. He just wanted Jack to know the rumors. Billy really wanted to know how Jack felt, and Jack said the whole thing had strengthened his resolve to marry Diane and protect her from Jeremy Stark.

Tucker (Trevor St. John) walked up to Diane at the Genoa City Athletic Club. He snarked at her over not being conflicted about Phyllis’s death. Tucker asked if Diane had even shed a tear, and she told him she cared about her family. She also let him know that Ashley was just as upset about her as Phyllis had been, and Tucker goaded her over Jack mourning his ex.

Y&R: Summer Newman Abbott Does It Herself

Earlier, Billy (Jason Thompson) walked into Crimson Lights, and he asked Sharon (Sharon Case) how she was doing. Sharon admitted she was still processing Phyllis’s death. Unfortunately, she didn’t have any big secrets about how to process grief. Billy wondered if Sharon was thinking about Rey, and she noted it’d been nearly a year since he died, which didn’t seem possible.

Sharon said Rey made her life better, and she said she knew he’d want her to be happy, and she brought up Aria — Mariah and Tessa’s baby girl. Billy was happy for them all, and he offered his congratulations.

On the patio, Summer (Allison Lanier) talked on the phone to a florist as Kyle (Michael Mealor) looked on worriedly. He asked if he could help, but Summer told him to stop asking because she was doing it herself. Summer admitted she hadn’t even asked for Daniel’s input, which Kyle wondered if that was a bad idea. She said she’d apologize because this service was her apology to her mom.

They continued arguing over Summer spending so much time, running herself ragged over the service. She wasn’t happy and took it out on Kyle. Summer was still furious over the words she heard Diane say, and Kyle defended his mom. He said nobody was happy that Phyllis was gone, and Summer said it wasn’t true. She couldn’t understand why Kyle was so blind to his mom’s happiness over Phyllis’s death. Summer said Diane was malicious.

Kyle wondered if Summer thought somebody had killed Phyllis, and she said she did. He wanted Summer to get somebody to talk to, and he suggested Sharon, which frustrated Summer, given the animosity between Phyllis and Sharon. Summer left, and Kyle wanted to go with her, but she wouldn’t let him. Sharon said goodbye as Summer left, but Summer didn’t respond.

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sharon counsels kyle about summer newman abbott on the y&r recap.
Sharon gives Kyle some advice about Summer Newman Abbott.

Sharon walked over to Kyle, and he said he didn’t know what to do for his wife. She let Kyle know how difficult it was to be the loved one of somebody who was grieving, and he said he just couldn’t win. Kyle wondered what he could say to Summer’s personal attacks against his mother, and Sharon said that time would lessen all that. Ultimately, Sharon let Kyle know that being there was sometimes enough.

Later, Diane found Kyle on the patio at Crimson Lights as he cried. She hugged him, and she said she knew that Phyllis’s death had brought up painful memories for him. Again, Diane apologized. Kyle said Summer wouldn’t let him in, and Kyle wondered if it was, in part, because he’d gotten his mom back.

Kyle thought he and Summer should be working things out instead of her shutting him out. Diane suggested that maybe Summer’s behavior was because of Diane. She said she wasn’t rejoicing in Phyllis’s death. Kyle told his mom she wasn’t responsible. Diane said she wasn’t upset at Summer because she was an easy target for Summer’s pain. Kyle reiterated that both he and Jack had complete faith in Diane, and she thanked him.

Young and The Restless: Summer and Daniel Make Plans

Summer walked into the GCAC, and Daniel was at the bar. He admitted everything hurt, and she understood. Daniel asked why Summer hadn’t talked to him about their mom’s memorial service, and she said she couldn’t talk to anybody. He let Summer know that he deserved to be involved in the decisions, though.

Summer apologized to her brother and cried over how badly she’d recently treated their mom. Daniel reminded Summer that he also had a lot to make up for. He showed Summer something he’d drawn when he couldn’t sleep, and Summer thought it should go on the programs for the service. He said it’d be his gift to Phyllis.

summer newman abbott talks to daniel at the gcac.
Summer Newman Abbott and Daniel talk about their suspicions about Phyllis’s death.

Daniel promised that he would ensure that Jeremy got a brutal takedown. They both agreed the whole thing seemed suspicious, especially with their weird marriage. Summer agreed that somebody had to be behind what happened to their mom. Daniel thought Jeremy had married Phyllis for the money and killed her, but Summer thought it was Diane.

She relayed what Diane had said when they walked in on them fighting the night Phyllis died. Summer thought Jeremy got rid of Phyllis for Diane, but then Diane betrayed him, so he wanted revenge. Summer said their mom had tried to tell her how scared she was of Diane, but she’d ignored her. They both determined they’d find the truth of what happened to Phyllis.

Ashley ended up in Tucker’s hotel room at the GCAC, and she wondered why he’d moved — The Grand Phoenix was being renovated. He wanted to know how he could help, and she said she didn’t think he could. Ashley wondered why Tucker was so unbothered, and she went off about how blind Jack was when it came to Diane.

ashley abbott looks bored by tucker's story.
Ashley Abbott looks bored by Tucker McCall.

Ashley pointed out that it affected Tucker because it made their plan to fake an engagement unnecessary. Tucker said he’d been looking forward to the game, and Ashley kept ranting, and she ended up hurting Tucker’s feelings. He said their union might start out of spite, but he believed it would end up being about love.

She thought Tucker seemed awfully confident, and she asked him for some facts. However, Tucker said love wasn’t based on facts. Ashley pressed Tucker for an argument to convince her, so he tried. Of course, most of what Tucker said made Ashley roll her eyes.

He felt that in order to make the faux engagement believable, they’d have to spend all their time together, and he promised to build Ashley her dream house and throw her dream wedding, and they’d eventually fall in love. Ashley told Tucker he could continue because she didn’t mind what he’d said. Tucker said eventually, she’d give herself what she wanted — them. Ashley said she just wasn’t there yet, and he still had work to do to prove himself.

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