Kyle Abbott Blames Summer For Their Arguments

The Young and the Restless recap for Tuesday, January 17, 2023 brings Kyle Abbott making a huge mistake.

young and the restless recap kyle abbott and summer looking awkward with each other at the abbottsKyle and Summer

The Young and the Restless recap for Tuesday brings Kyle Abbott going where no husband should go when he blamed his wife and chose his mother over her.

Y&R Recap Highlights

Phyllis began to spiral as she talked to Jeremy Stark, Daniel, and Tucker all in one morning. Meanwhile, Jack and Diane moved up the timeline of their plan, and Summer wanted nothing to do with it, which frustrated Kyle Abbott to no end. Finally, Sharon gave out more sage advice to Chance before he got a surprising phone call. Now let’s take a deeper dive into what happened.

Phyllis Summers Starts To Spin Out Of Control

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) happened upon Jeremy eating breakfast alone at Society. He greeted her.

“I want to know something,” Phyllis said. “What kind of game are you playing?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he scoffed.

“I think you do,” she insisted. “There are two options — you’re using Diane, or you and Diane are working Jack, so which is it?”

Jeremy invited Phyllis to sit at his table, and he reminded her how she’d been apologetic the last time they’d talked. Phyllis said it was because she thought Diane had left. Jeremy (James Hyde) said by the end of the day, he’d know if Diane was loyal to him, which piqued Phyllis’s interest. Ultimately, Phyllis said she wanted to see Diane pay for everything she’d done, and Jeremy respected that Phyllis was a woman who knew what she wanted. He mentioned that she wasn’t afraid of him, and Phyllis asked if she should be.

Jeremy left, and Daniel (Michael Graziadei) walked in. Phyllis told him about Jeremy being a criminal and explained how Diane had been afraid of him at first and then cozied up to him at The Glam Club. Daniel didn’t like his mom fraternizing with Jeremy, and he told her it needed to stop.

Phyllis said she wanted it to stop, but she couldn’t make it stop. She told her son that she and Jack had been together before Diane returned to Genoa City. Phyllis blamed Diane for poisoning Jack against her, and she wanted the woman gone.

Daniel tried to talk sense into his mother. He advised her to let things with Diane go since Jack got to choose who he allowed into his life. Phyllis wasn’t convinced. Daniel declared he’d made a mistake asking his mom to join him at Omegasphere because of all her negativity.

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Phyllis was offended. Daniel said he only had one shot at doing things right, and he didn’t want to start off wrong. Phyllis wondered if he was already firing her, but he suggested that his mom learn to tame her anger with some self-help books. After Daniel left, Tucker (Trevor St. John) walked in, wondering what was wrong with Phyllis.

tucker mccall wearing dark colors sitting at a table eating with phyllis summers wearing a bronze dress
Phyllis Summers and Tucker McCall at Society

“You’ll do,” Phyllis said, and Tucker admitted it was the warmest invitation he’d received in a long time.

He sat down, and Phyllis asked what he thought would happen if she’d done exactly what Diane had done. She wondered if she’d be welcomed back with open arms, and Tucker said Phyllis was selling herself short. However, she didn’t buy it. Phyllis declared she’d be tarred and feathered while Diane was welcomed back with open arms. She even pointed out that Diane had conned Tucker since he didn’t get what he’d wanted from Diane about Ashley. Phyllis said she couldn’t take anymore and wanted an explanation.

Tucker gave her some advice to let it all go, and he said her anger would eat her alive. Phyllis wondered what happened to the guy who said he wanted to burn it all down because that guy was more interesting.

Kyle Abbott Blames Summer For Their Arguments

At the Abbott mansion, Jack (Peter Bergman) and Diane lamented their lack of sleep the night before. It seems trying to scheme against Jeremy led to a sleepless evening. Jack said after he saw how scared Summer had been, he realized they had to speed up their timetable. Diane encouraged Jack to stay the course and be patient, but he said he thought he had a way to accelerate things.

diane jenkins wearing green and jack abbott wearing a gray suit talking in the abbott living room
Diane Jenkins and Jack Abbott

“Maybe we’re not at the beginning of this thing. Maybe this could be the end,” he suggested.

Jack explained his plan off-screen, and Diane (Susan Walters) said she liked it. They felt like the whole thing had already started. Diane called Jeremy, and he answered his phone, agreeing to meet at his hotel suite.

Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) and Summer came downstairs and argued a bit. Summer noticed that Diane was in the same outfit as the night before, which she thought meant her mother-in-law had spent the night. Jack said Diane had stayed the night to make it look like she’d been out of town. Summer snarkily noted that Jack stole her grandmother’s necklace.

kyle abbott wearing a gray suit and blue tie summer newman abbott wearing a dark dress with her arms crossed
Kyle Abbott and Summer Newman Abbott

Kyle, Diane, and Jack started talking about plans, but Summer interrupted, noting that she didn’t want to know a bit about it. Kyle asked one last question, and Summer said she had to get to work. Kyle followed after her. Diane worried about her son and his wife arguing, and Jack said they could fix the whole thing if they took down Jeremy.

Diane showed up at Jeremy’s suite, and she showed him the necklace. He loved it. Jeremy insisted Diane tell him all about how she managed to pull off the heist, but Diane kept things vague. Jeremy was impressed. He declared that the necklace was the beginning of something new for him and Diane.

He placed it around her neck, and the two kissed to seal their new partnership. Jeremy wanted to celebrate with sex. She faked being allergic to his cologne, so Jeremy took a shower. While he was out of the room, Diane planted some evidence in his drawers and under the mattress. She texted Jack that she was all done.

jeremy stark wearing a suit a tie putting nikki's necklace around a gree dress clad diane jenkins's next
Jeremy Stark and Diane Jenkins

At Jack’s office, Kyle wanted to talk to Summer about what had happened at home. Summer felt relieved that Kyle was fed up with things too, but he said she misunderstood what he was saying. Kyle said he was unhappy because Summer refused to listen to what was happening with his mom, and he didn’t know what danger she might be getting into. Summer refused to apologize for not wanting to be dragged into another of Diane’s messes.

Kyle blamed Summer Newman Abbott (Allison Lanier) for them no longer being a team, and she wasn’t at all thrilled. After all, Summer insisted that she wasn’t to blame for anything that was happening. Daniel walked in, wondering if he’d interrupted, but Kyle left so Daniel and Summer could talk.

Summer complained that she and Kyle only ever fought about Diane, and he pointed out that he was there to talk about their mom’s anger at Diane. Summer suggested that they just duck and cover because Phyllis was likely to spin out of control. Daniel wondered how they were going to save their mom from herself. Summer told Daniel that these were Phyllis’s problems to solve.

Daniel left, and Kyle and Summer argued a bit more about their mothers when he got a text from Victor. He blamed Summer for her grandfather trying to pull him away from keeping his mother safe.

Y&R Recap: Chance Chancellor Wonders What It All Means

Chance (Conner Floyd) daydreamed at Crimson Lights. Sharon (Sharon Case) stopped by his table with some coffee, snapping him out of it. She wanted to know if he was still questioning his career choice, and Chance wanted to know how much her advice would cost him, but Sharon said it was no charge for friendly advice (obviously).

She pointed out that Chance is a good cop, but she urged him to examine things on a deeper level if he continued to have doubts about his career. Chance told Sharon he liked the structure and sense of purpose he got out of serving, and she said he didn’t seem like an adrenaline junky. Chance wondered if maybe he was, but he said he liked working undercover, getting to be somebody else for a while.

Sharon picked up on that, and she asked Chance how long he’d ever spent being himself and figuring out what he really wanted. Chance admitted Sharon made a lot of sense, and she wondered if he’d ever discussed it in therapy. Chance revealed that he had, but he never answered the question.

“Did I choose my life, or did my life choose me?” Chance asked.

Sharon suggested that Chance go back to therapy, but he wasn’t in love with the idea. Even so, he thought it’d be worth it if he got some answers from it. Sharon thought Chance might consider taking a leave of absence from the Genoa City Police Department.

jack abbott sits in crimson lights looking nervous
Jack Abbott at Crimson Lights

Jack walked in and got some coffee. He listened as Chance got a call from the Chicago Police Department.

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