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Jack Abbott Gets DNA Proof that Phyllis Is Alive

The Y&R recap for Thursday, May 18, 2023, brings a win for Jack Abbott.

jack abbott and kyle search the infamous hotel room in the young and the restless recap for may 18, 2023.Kyle and Jack Abbott search the hotel room on Young and the Restless.

The Young and the Restless recap for Thursday, May 18, 2023, brings some DNA proof that Phyllis is alive for Jack Abbott.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Chance (Conner Floyd) and Christine worry that their case isn’t strong enough, and Diane isn’t sure the DNA is enough proof. Mariah and Tessa have a strange date night as Sharon watches Aria and receives an unexpected gift. Devon and Abby run into Tucker and Ashley while celebrating his new name. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless Recap: Jack Abbott Is On The Case

Chance and Christine (Lauralee Bell) talked about the case, and she worried about Michael’s strategy. Chance agreed that the defense was surprising, and she pointed out it was circumstantial. Ultimately, Chance wondered if maybe it was a setup, but Christine felt that was a step too far. They agreed to continue looking at what happened.

Chance revealed that he found out that somebody called in a false tip to send him to investigate away from the event that night. He felt the evidence led to Jeremy, and he wondered if Jeremy and Diane were in on it together, but Christine wasn’t entirely convinced. Even so, Chance thought it could’ve been Phyllis and Jeremy working to set up Diane.

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Christine didn’t think Phyllis was as desperate as she needed to be to fake her death like Diane had done all those years ago. She just didn’t believe Phyllis would risk hurting or losing her children.

Kyle (Michael Mealor) and Jack (Peter Bergman) went to the motel room in which Jeremy had Phyllis hidden. They didn’t know what they were looking for, but Jack said they’d know it when they found it. Although they weren’t with the police, Jack and Kyle used gloves and bags to try to collect evidence.

Jack found several long red hairs, and he wanted Kyle to get him a sample from Summer so they could compare them.

At the Abbotts’, Diane found Phyllis’s memorial program on the floor, and she ripped it into pieces. She seemed frustrated by her ankle monitor. Diane opened the front door and yelled out to Phyllis, who she knew was out there and would be found eventually.

Young and the Restless Recap: Jack Abbott Gets The Goods

Jack and Kyle went back home and discussed putting a rush on the DNA test. They talked about Summer, and Kyle relayed that he’d caught her and Daniel arguing, which confused him. Kyle said he was getting angry at Phyllis. Diane walked in and asked if they had good news for her, so Jack updated her.

Diane wasn’t impressed by the hair that they’d found. She didn’t think it would be enough to get the case dropped, but Jack thought it might work since Jeremy checked in after Phyllis died. Jack got a phone call from the lab with the DNA results.

Chance got a phone call from Jack, and he answered it none too pleased about the “Phyllis is alive” theory. Jack proclaimed he had DNA evidence to prove that Phyllis was alive, and he wondered what an actual detective could accomplish.

Young and the Restless: A Shocking Turn Of Events

Mariah (Camryn Grimes) and Tessa (Cait Fairbanks) were thrilled that Sharon (Sharon Case) agreed to babysit so they could go on a date night. They both freaked out a bit, but Sharon told them to relax because she had it under control.

tessa and mariah struggle to leave aria with sharon on young and the restless.
Marah Copeland and Tessa struggle to leave Aria with Sharon.

Mariah wondered how people kept up with kids growing up so quickly, and Sharon told her that they didn’t keep up. Tessa suggested maybe they stay home to avoid missing something, but Sharon insisted they go on date night. The new moms reluctantly left Aria with Sharon.

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As the date passed, Mariah and Tessa agreed that something felt off. They wondered if maybe it was because they were all grown up now as moms. It’s not like they could drink just in case their daughter needed them. Now that they had a child, everything was about her, which is what Tessa said she deserved.

Back at the coffee shop, Sharon got a surprise delivery. It was champagne. The card read, “Memories are what life is made of.” As Sharon wondered who sent it, somebody stared at her from the patio.

Y&R Recap: A New Beginning

Tucker (Trevor St. John) showed Ashley (Eileen Davidson) videos of Dominic playing bongos in music class. He surprised her by admitting he planned to become a regular in class, and she couldn’t believe it. Tucker gave Ashley all the credit.

Ashley asked why he was in such a good mood, and Tucker said it was both Dominic and her invitation to move into her room. Diane (Susan Walters) interrupted their time together, and she and Ashley threw barbs at each other. She asked Ashley to help her look through bridal magazines for a wedding dress.

ashley abbott and tucker talk about him moving into her room.
Ashley Abbott and Tucker reach an understanding.

Ashley asked Tucker to get her out of there, so he did, and they decided to go somewhere to celebrate.

At the penthouse, Abby (Melissa Ordway) seemed to truly believe that Tucker wanted to be part of Dominic and Devon’s (Bryton James) lives. Devon agreed, and Abby expressed her disbelief at Tucker’s big change. She worried he was conning everyone to win back Ashley. Ultimately, Abby urged caution, and Devon agreed too.

Devon wondered how Abby felt about her mom and his dad moving into a serious relationship. Abby got a text from a dad in the music group, and she let him know that the teacher played one of Tucker’s songs for the kids.

They started arguing over who was more privileged in packages delivered via courier or delivery people as Devon was waiting for a courier. Abby wondered if it was jewelry, a car, a boat, or what? Somehow that talk turned to maybe needing a bigger house with a yard for Dominic.

The package Devon wanted arrived, and it was the official document declaring his name was now “Devon Hamilton Winters.” Abby got emotional at the moment. She suggested they go to the jazz lounge to celebrate Devon’s new name.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Mariah and Tessa talked about how they couldn’t be “those” parents. Abby and Devon walked in and reassured them that it was good for them to be out together without the baby. Inside the jazz club, Abby and Devon looked at Neil’s portrait, and Devon promised to honor him.

Ashley and Tucker walked in, and it was a big coincidence. They joined each other, and Abby brought up Tucker at Dominic’s music class. Tucker complimented Abby on several parents telling him how supportive a mom Abby is. Devon revealed that his name was officially changed, and they were celebrating. It was the first Tucker and Ashley had heard, and they congratulated Devon.

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