Diane Jenkins Tells Jack She Wants To Murder Jeremy

The Y&R recap for Wednesday, March 1, 2023, brings a shocking declaration from Diane Jenkins about murder.

young and the restless recap for march 1, 2023, has diane jenkins making a declarationDiane Jenkins is murder-minded.

The Young and the Restless recap for Wednesday brings Diane Jenkins saying the quiet part out loud when she tells Jack she wanted to murder Jeremy.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

In addition, Tucker tells Devon his offer, and Abby (Melissa Ordway) gives Devon some advice about buying McCall Unlimited. Ashley fails to throw Victoria and Victor off her scent. Summer refuses to give Phyllis another chance, and Kyle threatens Jeremy. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Y&R Recap: Diane Jenkins And Jack Abbott Leave Town

Diane (Susan Walters) let Kyle (Michael Mealor) know that she and Jack (Peter Bergman) were leaving suddenly. She wanted Kyle to smooth the work absence over with Summer (Allison Lanier). Kyle seemed stunned to learn that Jeremy Stark (James Hyde) was out of jail.

Kyle expressed his fury about Jeremy beating the charges and returning to Genoa City. He wondered why the police couldn’t help, and Jack reminded his son that Jeremy was innocent…for now. Jack reassured Kyle that their home was safe and secure, but Diane also explained that they were leaving to keep Jeremy from coming after them.

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At the Abbott mansion, the doorbell rang, and Summer answered the door to see Phyllis (Michelle Stafford). Summer rudely wondered why her mom had stopped by. Phyllis understood that she wasn’t welcome at Summer’s house, but she admitted she wanted to turn things around — after all, Summer was her daughter. All Phyllis wanted was coffee and a talk.

Summer didn’t seem interested in her mom’s offer, but Phyllis refused to take no for an answer. She tried to go to work, but Phyllis insisted that it was more important than work. Summer still wasn’t convinced. She told Phyllis that Daniel had filled her in on what Phyllis did to butt into his life too.

Phylis didn’t enjoy that her kids had teamed up against her. Summer wasn’t willing to sweep her feelings aside, though, and she said any reconciliation was pointless. Of course, all Phyllis wanted to do was protect her children. Summer asked her mom to admit that she’d screwed up.

Phyllis said she was there apologizing, but Summer complained that she hadn’t really apologized. Summer let Phyllis know that, as her mom, she was supposed to do right by her. Phyllis wanted to know why she was always the one to blame, and Summer pointed out it was all Phyllis’s fault. She also pointed out that Summer wasn’t getting into Nikki’s face over it. Why was that?

Because Phyllis fought and stood up for what she believed, and that would never ever change. She admitted she was so tired, and she’d had enough. Summer had enough too, and she was over her mom’s blindness when it came to her own issues, and that just broke Summer’s heart. Summer cried about how hard it’s been to watch her mother try to evolve over the years, and now she planned to protect herself from the hurt and disappointment Phyllis had caused her. She opened the door and her mom left.

Phyllis went to Society, and ordered a vodka, and downed two quickly. She looked up, and Jeremy toasted her.

Young and the Restless: Murder On The Mind of Diane Jenkins

At Society, Kyle saw Jeremy, and he confronted the man. Jeremy claimed he just wanted to enjoy the charms that Genoa City offered. However, Kyle threatened Jeremy and told him to leave his family alone, but Jeremy told the younger man to relax because he planned to forgive and forget.

michael mealor threatens jeremy stark at society
Kyle Abbott puts Jeremy Stark on notice.

Jeremy just wanted to let Jack and Diane know personally. Kyle wouldn’t tell Jeremy where the two lovebirds had flown off to. Jeremy thought it sounded like Diane was trying to relive their old adventures, but Kyle denied it.

When Jeremy said Genoa City was a perfect place to set down roots, Kyle told him to get lost. Jeremy wasn’t willing to listen to Kyle, though, and he reminded the younger man that vacations don’t last forever.

Jack and Diane arrived at the Abbott cabin, and they were full of smiles. He had it set up for romance, which was a happy surprise for Diane. Jack asked her to promise not to mention Jeremy anymore, though.

diane jenkins smiles at jack abbott
On Young and the Restless, Jack Abbott and Diane Jenkins enjoy their time away.

They enjoyed some adult time, and during the afterglow, Jack got a text message. It was just a work thing. Jack insisted everything was fine, but he wasn’t going to check in just then. Diane wanted to check on Harrison, but Jack told her everything was fine back home.

Jack insisted that they work harder to stop worrying about Jeremy and his threat, but Diane insisted that they be realistic. After all, they couldn’t hide from him forever. Diane paced back and forth, worrying, and she said her number one option for Jeremy was murder…if they could get away with it. Jack reminded her that wasn’t an option, and that they’d find a solution together.

Young and the Restless Recap: Who Me?

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Victor (Eric Braeden) welcomed Ashley (Eileen Davidson) into the office. She wondered what they wanted, and the Newmans let Ashley know they were onto her being Tucker’s debt buyer.

Ashley wondered why they’d think that or care. Victoria pointed out that Ashley and Tucker had a long history. Ashley proclaimed she was far too smart to fall for Tucker’s lies, and Victor agreed. She started to leave, but Victor stopped her.

He said he thought maybe Ashley bought the debt to get revenge, but Ashley told Victor to consider Devon, instead. Victoria didn’t buy it, though. She still thought Ashley did it. Ultimately, Ashley wondered…hypothetically…what they wanted if she had bought the debt. Victoria offered to negotiate directly with her, and Victor urged Ashley to make a deal. Ashley urged them to leave her out of it, and she left.

Victor told Victoria he was certain Ashley bought the debt. Victoria admitted that she’d learned a lot about what Ashley was thinking, and she told Victor that Ashley was falling for Tucker again. She wanted to take care of Tucker and get him to change.

tucker mccall sits in crimson lights with some coffee.
Tucker McCall makes Devon a surprising offer.

Devon (Bryton James) showed up at Crimson Lights to talk to Tucker (Trevor St. John). He stayed firm on his 30-minute time limit, and Tucker said he had a proposition that could change Devon’s life. Devon immediately thought Tucker was manipulating him, so Tucker changed his tune a bit.

Tucker admitted that he’d failed, and now he was devoted to fixing what he’d broken. Devon thought it sounded great, but he wasn’t convinced. Tucker revealed that he planned to sell McCall Unlimited, and he invited Devon to take over his company.

Devon wondered why Tucker thought he’d want to buy the company, and Tucker admitted that some areas were failing. Despite that, there was still value and infrastructure, and he knew that Devon could rebuild it. He still didn’t understand why his dad wanted this, and Tucker mentioned the fight Devon was in over Hamilton-Winters. The younger man told his father none of it was his business, but Tucker reminded Devon that the merger was rock solid, so things wouldn’t work out in Devon’s favor.

All Tucker wanted was to ensure Devon came out on top, and should Devon win the lawsuit, owning both companies would leapfrog Chancellor-Winters. The 30 minutes was up, and Tucker asked Devon to at least think about his offer and run it by Abby (Melissa Ordway).

Devon went back to his penthouse, and Abby wondered how the talk went. He let Abby know about Tucker’s offer, and she seemed surprised. Devon wondered who was making the offer, though. He worried that Tucker was manipulating him.

Abby actually pointed out that it was an amazing backup plan in case the lawsuit failed. She thought Devon was actually the right person to lead McCall. He figured he’d know for sure if he checked the numbers. Abby urged Devon to consider his father’s offer.

Back at the Abbott mansion, Tucker met with Ashley, and he updated her on how things went with Devon. They talked about whether or not Abby and Devon were friends…or more. Tucker wondered what Ashley had in store for him should he fail, and she admitted she hadn’t made up her mind. Tucker admitted that he enjoyed the intoxicating game Ashley was playing with him.

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