Devon Hamilton Walks Out After His Horrible Realization About Lily

The Y&R recap for Wednesday, February 1, 2023, brings Devon Hamilton realizing something horrible about Lily Winters.

young and the restless recap lily winters at her ceo office at workLily Winters wouldn't back down.

The Young and the Restless recap for Wednesday brings a moment of truth for Devon Hamilton when he realizes that his sister Lily Winters isn’t willing to compromise at all.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

In addition to Devon’s realization, Lily and Abby clashed as he and Victoria shared a contentious moment. Sally relayed some scary pregnancy news to Nick, and Adam told Jack all about Victor and Kyle’s plans while Kyle explained his concerns about her and Jack to Diane. Finally, Tucker spilled the beans about Phyllis’s trip to Daniel (Michael Graziadei). Now let’s dig deeper into what happened.

Young and the Restless Recap: Devon Hamilton Sees The Truth

At Crimson Lights, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) asked Devon (Bryton James) about Chancellor-Winters and Tucker. He wondered why she’d ask, and Victoria reminded him that Tucker’s real motivation for returning didn’t have anything to do with him — that must hurt. Devon wondered if Audra had told her Tucker’s true motives, but she said she’d heard it straight from Tucker.

devon and victoria talk at crimson lights y&r recap
Devon Hamilton and Victoria Newman share a contentious moment at Crimson Lights.

Victoria claimed she was asking Devon as friends, but he said they weren’t friends and wanted to know what she really wanted. She denied knowing what Devon meant, and she pointed out that she still saw him as a friend. After all, Victoria and Devon are connected by family through Abby and Dominic.

At Society, Abby (Melissa Ordway) talked to Lily (Christel Khalil). They discussed the situation with Devon, and Abby said she knew how much business could hurt families. Abby said she’d originally encouraged Devon to take Lily and Jill’s offer, and Lily went on about how awful it was that Devon didn’t.

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However, Abby got fed up, and she told Lily off. She said Hamilton Winters meant everything to Devon and only dollars and cents to Lily and Jill — why would Lily risk going to court for that? Lily’s jaw hit the floor.

“How dare you question my priorities,” Lily said. “Who are you to tell me that I care more about my business than my family? My family has always been the priority to me, and I resent you saying otherwise.”

abby newman approaches lily winters at society y&r recap
Lily takes exception to what Abby said about her priorities.

Abby backed off, but Lily said the only reason she was talking to Abby about it was to get her to convince Devon to stay with Chancellor-Winters. Abby said Devon had already made his decision. Lily said Devon wasn’t considering the risk to their father’s legacy and Hamilton Winters. Lily asked Abby to please tell Devon if she thought at all that he might regret walking away.

At Devon’s, Abby was there, putting Dominic down for a nap. Devon relayed that he’d seen Victoria and he got the vibe that Victoria was working with Tucker. Abby thought that was weird, and she also let Devon know she’d seen Lily, and she’d painted a different picture of what was going on between the siblings. All Lily wanted was to work alongside her brother.

Devon thought Lily had an odd way of unifying their family by not listening to his concerns. Abby told Devon that all Lily wanted was to hang onto him.

At Chancellor-Winters, Lily sat at her desk, and Esther (Kate Linder) brought her a beverage, and she asked how things were with Devon since he hadn’t been to work. Esther offered Lily anything she needed. Out at reception, Devon walked in, and Esther hugged him, noting that she was praying Devon and Lily could work things out. He promised Esther that they’d be just fine.

Devon walked into Lily’s office, and he relayed what Abby had told him. Lily said what Abby had said was true, and Devon said he didn’t understand why Lily would use Abby to influence him. Lily said she was sad and scared and afraid. He took Lily to task for caring more about profits than what he wanted. Then he walked out.

The Y&R Universe: Daniel Talks With Tucker McCall

Daniel and Tucker talked Omega Sphere, as Daniel noted that he needed to partner with somebody he trusted completely — somebody not like Tucker. The older man wanted to convince Daniel that they shared a similar vision. Daniel admitted Tucker’s pitch impressed him, and ultimately, he’d make the final decision for his project no matter what Phyllis thought.

Daniel asked Tucker to back off until things with Lily and Chancellor-Winters shook out. Tucker let Daniel know that he doesn’t ever give up on something. He said he had a belief that things would work out and trusted the universe, which piqued Daniel’s interest.

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Daniel said that Heather always used to tell him to trust the universe, and he said he had faith that he and Heather would reunite. Tucker noted he must trust Phyllis, too, since she went to Portugal to smooth things over. He pretended to be surprised that Daniel didn’t know, and of course, Daniel wasn’t glad to hear his mother had gone to Portugal. After Tucker left, Daniel called to leave Phyllis a voicemail telling her to stop immediately.

Tucker rang Devon’s doorbell, and Abby answered the door. He was surprised to see her there, which irritated Abby — after all, she and Devon are co-parents. The supposedly proud grandpa had a gift for the little boy, but Abby said he was sleeping. She told him she had no reason to fake civility with Tucker now that she knew the real reason he’d returned, but Tucker asked Abby to give him a minute to explain his side of the story.

Abby let him in, but she didn’t offer him a drink. Tucker admitted he profoundly regretted how he’d bungled things with Devon. She wasn’t happy that Tucker had left her mom out of his apology, but he said he was sorry for her too. Tucker said he genuinely wanted to make things right with Devon, and he wasn’t going to give up on his son or grandson. Abby advised him to give up on them immediately, and she told him to leave, showing him the door.

Abby told Tucker, “Here’s a little advice. Don’t cross me. Don’t cross us.”

Young and the Restless: Mama Mia

Jack let Diane know that Kyle (Michael Mealor) felt worried about their relationship. She wanted to talk to their son alone — away from the office. She called Kyle and asked him to meet her at the house. When he arrived, she let her son know that Summer had reservations about her and Jack’s reunion, but Kyle said he hadn’t talked to Summer yet.

Diane also brought up that she’d heard that Kyle had talked to Jack, and Kyle didn’t appreciate his father telling her about their private talk. Kyle let his mom know that he felt conflicted about their reunion because he worried things wouldn’t work out. Again, Diane tried to reassure Kyle, but she didn’t convince him. Diane suggested that Kyle wasn’t just protecting Jack’s heart.

diane jenkins explains herself to kyle abbott y&r recap
Diane tries to reassure Kyle about her relationship with Jack.

Kyle said he was trying, but he pointed out how hard it was to trust Diane after she’d abandoned him. He struggled to reconcile a woman who could leave him with the memory he had of his mother. He struggled to quiet the lingering doubts he felt, and Diane tearfully told Kyle that he was the reason she returned. Even so, he was still upset about how more and more things kept coming up because of Diane. He wasn’t thrilled that Jack stole from Summer’s grandmother for Diane.

Diane promised Kyle that she wasn’t going to hurt Jack. Kyle admitted that part of him hoped that the thing between his parents worked out. However, he wanted to know what she’d do if things imploded, but Diane promised her son she’d never abandon him again. Kyle wanted to believe his mother, but he had to be honest about how he felt. In his heart, Kyle felt scared another shoe would drop. Once again, Diane promised there weren’t any more secrets or surprises from her past.

Y&R Recap: Drama

At Society, Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Adam (Mark Grossman) continued talking about Victor’s plan to bring him back into the fold. Sally walked up, and Nick noted that something seemed wrong. She asked what he and Adam were discussing. Adam explained that Nick had alerted him to their dad’s plans, and Sally was happy they weren’t doing battle.

Sally decided to leave, and Adam noted she wasn’t acting like herself, and he wanted to know what was wrong. She blew it off, and Nick left with her. She let him know the phone call had been her doctor, but she wanted to talk about it elsewhere.

They went back to her room, and Sally told Nick that the doctor wanted her to come back in because she had high blood pressure, which she’d never had before. She admitted that it threw her even though Nick pointed out the doctor was probably just being cautious. Sally seemed overwhelmed by the big changes coming into her life.

nick newman smiles at sally spectra y&r recap
Nick smiles at Sally as he tries to keep her calm over her pregnancy.

Nick tried to calm Sally (Courtney Hope), but she couldn’t help worrying. He urged her to stop worrying and said they could just take things one appointment at a time.

Adam went to Jabot, and he let Jack know that Victor was trying to pull the rug out from under him. That didn’t surprise Jack — Victor has a twisted mind. Jack promised Adam that they could handle Victor and his plans, but Adam also let his co-CEO know that he suspected Kyle had a part in it. Jack found it surprising that Kyle would team up with Victor, but Adam convinced him it was true.

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