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The Young and the Restless: Victor Newman’s (Many) ‘Death’ Experiences

Victor Newman The Young and the RestlessVictor Newman The Young and the Restless

Hero? Villain? With Victor Newman, the line is sometimes blurred. But what isn’t suspect is the many times that this fan-favorite from The Young and the Restless escaped the clutches of the Grim Reaper.

The latest reports of Victor’s death and the mourning by his family is certainly not the first time Genoa City had to experience this.

That’s Gratitude For You
Victor’s (Eric Braeden) penchant for young blondes frequently got him into trouble but never more so than his brief fling with gal Friday, Eve Howard (Margaret Mason). They though their affair produced a baby — Cole — and when Victor named the boy a beneficiary in his will, Eve began to poison his meals hoping he would snuff it and she and her boy could collect.

The scheme worked for a time — Victor became sickly and lost a ton of weight — but when her intended victim’s dog ate a small helping of one of his master’s meals and died, Victor rumbled Eve’s scheme. He then faked his death — and staged a funeral to boot — all in a bid to get Eve to confess her sins. And the audacious scheme worked!

Weaponized Fishing Gear
Victor’s second brush with death came curtsey of Nikki’s (Melody Thomas Scott) psychotic new beau Rick Daros (Randy Holland). When “The Mustache” learned that Daros planned to lure Nikki to her death in a staged drowning accident — the same fate as Mrs. Daros — he raced to save his lady love.

When confronted, Daros fired a spear gun in Victor’s direction. The wound was nearly a fatal one and it did result in Victor becoming impotent for a number of months — and almost derailed the planned nuptials between himself and Nikki.

Weak Heart
A few years later, Victor was felled by a “coronary episode” during a confrontation with arch-nemesis, Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman), and lost consciousness. At first, Jack left his rival in a heap on the floor but his conscience prevailed and he called paramedics to Victor’s side.

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