Y&R First Priority: Should Michael Baldwin Fear Betraying Victor?

How will the Newmans get their revenge on The Young and the Restless?

victor newman and michael baldwin clash on the young and the restless.Should The Great Victor Newman instill fear in Michael?

Michael Baldwin told Jack multiple times that he couldn’t defend Diane on The Young and the Restless. He owed it to his friend, Phyllis, he owed it to his wife, Lauren, and, most importantly, he owed it to his employer, Victor.

Young and the Restless: What Michael Baldwin Should Know

It was OK for Michael (Christian Le Blanc) to feel that way. But Michael wasn’t thrilled when Victor (Eric Braeden) simply assumed that he’d feel that way. So Michael acted like a combination of tantruming toddler and moody teen, stomped outside, and told Jack (Peter Bergman) he would defend Diane, so take that, Boss! Did Michael make a critical mistake?

The Other Y&R Power Broker

Sure, Michael is about to invoke the wrath of Genoa City’s most formidable man. But Victor isn’t the only mogul in Genoa City. There’s also Jack. Now that Michael’s owed a major favor from Jack, he can expect to be protected from anything Victor might want to unleash, 8% whistle past a graveyard.

Michael Baldwin: The Young and the Restless Winner Takes All

All should fear Victor Newman, 38% of the audience reminds. Even people who’ve never done anything to displease him. But especially those who have. Victor made it very clear that if Michael were to defend Diane (Susan Walters), he would be fired. And that would only be the beginning. Diane once upset Victor. Anyone who takes her side will be placed on the same enemies list.

Young and the Restless: I’ve Got This

We have faith in Michael, 54% trumpet. Victor has his tricks. But Michael has recently been in charge of executing many of them. So he also has the means to avoid them. In fact, Michael is who Victor usually sics on people. Who will he have to sic on Michael? Victor can huff and puff, but Michael knows how to keep his house from blowing down. Or at least he thinks he does.

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