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Top 3 Major Flaws in The Young and the Restless Case Against Diane Jenkins

Why Chance and Christine Williams won’t be able to make any of it stick on Y&R.

chance has diane jenkins arrested on the young and the restless.Why Chance doesn't have a good Y&R case against Diane.

Chance went ahead and arrested Diane Jenkins for Phyllis’s murder on The Young and the Restless. Chance insists that he is just following the evidence. As far as we can see, it’s leading him straight into a lawsuit for wrongful prosecution. Here are three reasons why all the evidence he currently has would be a dud in the real world…and even in Genoa City.

Young and the Restless: Death, Do Not Be Proud

No one is arguing that Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) “died” in the ambulance crash. And there is no evidence that Diane (Susan Walters) caused that. At best, they can charge that Diane’s actions were what led to Phyllis being in the ambulance, which contributed to her death. So the charge already isn’t murder. It’s, at best, attempted murder. More likely even manslaughter or reckless disregard. Strike One, Chance (Conner Floyd) and Christine (Lauralee Bell).

Y&R: Blood Will Tell

The main proof that Phyllis was even poisoned is the blood sample which was taken in the ambulance and somehow survived the fire that burned the victim’s body beyond recognition. How many hands has that sample been through since it was taken? The chain of evidence has been trampled on so many times, no judge would allow it, since it’s impossible to prove it wasn’t tampered with between coming out of Phyllis’s veins and getting analyzed at the lab. Strike Two, Chance and Christine.

Diane Jenkins Facing Dumb and Dumber on Young and the Restless

So Diane is this criminal mastermind…who ordered the poison in her own name? And left it lying around in Jeremy’s (James Hyde) suite? Where did she have it before slipping the substance into Phyllis’s…drink? Make-up? Jewelry? Was she just walking around with that huge bottle in her tiny purse? Did she have it hidden behind the drapes? Strike Three, Chance and Christine. And the Y&R writers, too.

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