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Will Memories Of Delia Destroy Billy On The Young And The Restless?

Billy The Young and the RestlessBilly The Young and the Restless

Lately, Billy has barely been getting through the day on The Young and the Restless. Adam’s return has sent the Abbott heir into a tailspin. Will he get things under control before it’s too late?

While little Delia died almost six years ago, Jason Thompson (Billy) wasn’t playing her loving dad at the time. He was thrilled when the show decided to revisit and re-examine this part of his tortured past.

“The trauma doesn’t go away,” Thompson tells TV Insider, who has been playing Billy for almost four years. He admits that he hasn’t spent much of that time dealing with the loss of Delia. “I was excited to see more of what it meant for Billy…It’s new and challenging and still is.”

Thompson says that Billy’s had moments of recognizing his own role in Delia’s death. (If only he hadn’t left her alone in the car when he went into the convenience store to get that ice cream!) “That doesn’t mean the switch is hit emotionally,” he says. “You never get away from something this tragic.”

Like it or not, Adam (Mark Grossman), who was driving the car that struck Delia, is the object of Billy’s focus right now. “He holds Adam responsible. Is that right or wrong? It doesn’t matter. Billy’s not caring what’s right or wrong these days.”

Thompson can relate to what it’s like having to take over the role played by a popular actor so, he can understand Grossman’s position. “Mark’s been doing a fantastic job,” praises Thompson. “He’s finding this character. I know how difficult that is. He’s just come in and worked really hard. As far as Billy and Adam go, I really like working with him. He has a lot to give.”

How far will Billy go to get his revenge on Adam? And will that help him find peace or ultimately cause him greater dismay? Stay tuned to find out! The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.

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