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Who Do You Think Travis Crawford REALLY Is?

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

As Victoria and Travis fall deeper in love on The Young and the Restless, new information sheds an unfavorable light on Genoa City’s new resident. People wonder why he really showed up on the scene so quickly.

In fact, there are so many major doubts about supposedly simple, golden boy Travis (Michael Roark), some people think he’s not even “Travis Crawford” at all. Soap Hub asked if you think he’s really Gabriel Bingham.

Travis is Gabe in Sheep’s Clothing!
Over 8,100 of you voted, and 47% you believe that Travis really is Gabe. He knows way too much about Newman Enterprises. Obviously, he craftily hides a much more complex reason for arriving in the area. For you, a lot of the details add up to one thing — Gabriel Bingham.

He could be in Genoa City to exact revenge on Victor (Eric Braeden) because of his part in Gabe’s father’s suicide. He set things up too perfectly to go to work for The Moustache, and you don’t trust him any further than you could throw him.

What do you think? Post a comment!

Travis is Someone Else!
However, 35% of you believe that Gabriel Bingham really died. He helped save Adam and subsequently drowned. In fact, his body was mistakenly identified as Adam’s causing Adam to be presumed dead.

You may think Travis has other reasons for being in GC, but it’s not because he’s actually Gabe.

We Just Don’t Know!
Finally, 18% of you can’t tell quite what to think about Mr. Too-Good-to-Be-True-Travis. You don’t necessarily trust him, but you don’t have enough information yet to presume he’s actually Gabe.

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