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This Young and the Restless Man Is Sharon’s True Soul Mate

Y&R Spoilers Speculation: THIS Person Is Sharon's Y&R Soul MateSharon The Young and the Restless

Just when The Young and the Restless fans finally figured out that the upcoming triangle would be between Sharon Rosales, her husband, Rey Rosales, and Adam Newman, the guy she can’t seem to stay away from no matter how many times she promises she’s going to totally do it – this time, viewers were thrown a monkey wrench.

Young and the Restless: Sharon’s True Love

That monkey wrench came in the form of a kinda longing, kinda flirty, kinda familiar conversation Sharon (Sharon Case) had with her ex-husband, Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow). So now we’re all confused again. Who is really the One True Pairing (OTP) for Sharon? Luckily, over 2,000 longtime fans were more than happy to set us straight:

Y&R: First Man

Sharon loves Adam (Mark Grossman), 55% of you sigh. How many times do we have to keep telling you that? He’s the one she is drawn back to, time after time, even when she knows the penalty will be losing Rey (Jordi Vilasuso). If Sharon wanted Rey, she’d stay away from Adam. Since she can’t seem to, well, you do the math.

Young and The Restless: First and Last

Did you see the way Sharon looked at Nick the last time they had one of their “my life is great, how’s yours?” talks. Tell me that’s the look of a woman who is totally over her first true love (we’re not counting Cassie and Mariah’s father, that was a fling – and a mistake), 40% of the audience challenges. Their first marriage will ultimately end up being their last – only with some breaks in between.

Y&R: Couplehood

Sharon is married to Rey, 5% insist stubbornly, which obviously means he’s the one she is committed to. No one forced her (if anything, she forced him). She chose of her own free will. Sharon promised Till Death Do Us part. And, this time around, she really means it. This one is for keeps.

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