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Why This Character Should Save The Bold and the Beautiful’s Liam

The Bold and the Beautiful Liam

Honesty may be the best policy, but it can come with hard consequences. Liam learned that first hand on The Bold and the Beautiful when he confessed to running down Vinny with his car and was promptly arrested for murder.

The Bold and the Beautiful — Saving Liam

Can anyone save the poor guy considering Bill (Don Diamont) tossed all the evidence that might have cleared him? There is one character that should, and odds are it’s the last person you’re probably thinking about.

Riding to the Rescue
Nope, it’s not Hope (Annika Noelle) or Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), the two women who have daughters with Liam and desperately want to see him freed. Nor is it his overzealous dad, Bill, who already screwed up the case, or his loyal brother Wyatt (Darin Brooks).

The person who should uncover what really happened to Vinny (Joe LoCicero) – and prove that Liam actually isn’t the person who killed him – is Thomas (Matthew Atkinson).

From Fury to Forgiveness
Sure, Thomas is going to be furious, when he learns his longtime nemesis confessed to killing his BFF. He won’t be able to understand how Liam kept mum about it for weeks and, seemingly, went on with his life with no signs of remorse or guilt.

But once Thomas learns all the facts and has time to digest what really transpired — that it actually was just a horrible accident, he could play a key role in what happens to Liam.

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Think about it. Team Liam – Hope, Steffy, Bill, Wyatt, and probably Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) – will likely all be joining forces to find a way to clear the accused killer.

They all know Liam’s heart and that committing murder just isn’t in him. As they work to gather evidence that could substantiate Liam’s accident claim, Thomas could find himself drawn to the cause and compelled to help, if for no other reason than to support his longtime love, Hope.

A Whole New Scenario
As the situation grows dire and nothing turns up, Thomas should be the one to consider a whole other scenario – that perhaps Vinny was near death before Liam’s car hit something on that dark winding road. Thomas knows more about Vinny’s shady dealings than anyone.

After all, he lived with the guy. It makes sense that he would start to wonder if perhaps one of Vinny’s unscrupulous drug dealing pals could have really been the one that offed him.

Thomas considered Vinny his oldest and dearest friend. No one else has a better reason for uncovering the truth and getting to the bottom of what really happened to him. It could be Thomas’s final loving act for his BFF and a chance to get true justice for Vinny by nailing the person who actually killed him. In the process, Thomas could clear Liam’s name and emerge a hero. The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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