Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Birth Name: Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Birth Place:Windsor, Canada
Profession: Actor


Jacqueline MacInnes Wood was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. As a teenager, she made a name for herself at the “hair girl” in the First Choice Haircutters commercial. Wood was hooked and decided to move to Toronto to pursue an acting career.

Early on, Jacqueline landed roles on TV Series Runaway and Lovebites. But it was scoring the role of Steffy on The Bold and the Beautiful in 2008 that pushed her career into overdrive. She quickly added roles in primetime and film such as Gamer Girlz, M.V.P., Nightmare at the End of the Hall, Skyrunners, and Turn the Beat Around.

In 2011, Wood snagged the role of Olivia in Final Destination 5, followed by Arrow, Anger Management, Her Husband’s Betrayal, Castle, and 19-2. In 2015, she signed on to play Samantha Lear on the TV series South Beach, while juggling her role as Steffy.

When she isn’t acting, Jacqueline resides in Los Angeles with her husband Elan Ruspoli and their son, Rise Harlen Ruspoli, who was born on March 4, 2019. She loves sports, singing, and DJing.

Fast Facts

  • April 17, 1987 — Birthdate
  • Is of French, First Nations, Scottish and Brazilian ancestry.
  • Is a singer.
  • She Is an avid motorcyclist. Used to own Ducati 848.
  • Likes to DJ. Goes under the name of DJ JacquiMac.
  • Is a self proclaimed gamer, enjoying fighting games, racing games, and World of Warcraft.


  • John C. Wood — Father
  • Sandy Wood — Mother
  • Dani Probert — Half-sister
  • Elan Ruspoli — Husband
  • Rise Harlen Ruspoli — Son


Jacqueline MacInnes Wood made her debut on The Bold and Beautiful canvas as fashion executive and heiress Steffy Forrester on June 4, 2008.

Wood has received two Daytime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Younger Actress for her work as Steffi in 2012 and 2013. Other TV credits include Arrow, South Beach, Anger Management, Castle and her film role in Final Destination 5.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Photos

Actor (3 Credits)

Title Role Year

The Bold and the Beautiful (TV Show)

7703 — 2017
7702 — 2017
7701 — 2017

Steffy Forrester 2017

Final Destination 5 (Movie

Oilivia Castle 2011

Nightmare at the End of the Hall (TV Show)


Host (1 Credits)

Title Role Year

Party On (TV Show)

Ibiza — 2014
Istanbul — 2014
Marbella — 2014


Guest (1 Credits)

Title Role Year

The Talk (TV Show)

The Talk — 2011