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Why Is B&B’s Steffy Forrester Paralyzed With Fear Over Sheila?

Steffy is full of fire and passion but she’s passive around Sheila Carter.

steffy forrester is terrified of sheila carter on bold and the beautiful.Steffy and Sheila.

We get that Sheila Carter is a scary character, and people are afraid of her on Bold and the Beautiful. But Steffy Forrester’s reaction to the naughty nanny being out and about has us scratching our heads. Other characters acting all fearful, we get. But Steffy? History has shown she stands up to the gun-toting grandma.

Steffy Forrester: Take Charge

Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) has always brought strength to the challenges that life has thrown at her. She survived the loss of her twin sibling Phoebe and the presumed death of her mother, Taylor. When it came to romance, Steffy was always proactive. If she wanted a man (Liam, for instance), she went after him — Hope’s (Annika Noelle) feelings didn’t really matter. And six years ago, when Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) resurfaced, Steffy made sure she was armed with a gun in case the trigger-happy troublemaker snapped.

Finding and Shooting Sheila Carter

After tracking Sheila down to a hotel room where she was with her grandfather Eric (John McCook), Steffy whipped out her pistol when she thought Sheila was reaching for one, and she shot her. Steffy is nobody’s victim. She kicked an opioid addiction and, after she thought her husband Finn (Tanner Novlan) was dead (at Sheila’s hand), she picked herself up and moved forward with her life. That’s why we’re scratching our heads over Steffy acting so darn fearful of her manipulative mother-in-law.

Steffy Forrester: Fearless

Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) recently recounted to Liam (Scott Clifton) an event from Steffy’s childhood. She tried to fly when she was a child, vacationing with her family in Greece, but she ended up breaking her arm in the process. Ridge said he learned that if Steffy is being challenged, she will fight you. But Sheila is challenging Steffy and her family these days, and she’s not fighting back. We’re not advising that Steffy get out a gun, but why not hire a team of bodyguards to keep Sheila away from her home and place of business?

Taylor (Krista Allen) attempted to give Sheila a second chance after she was revealed as Finn’s mother by inviting her over for the holidays and letting her near their grandson, Hayes. Steffy was the holdout. She remained steadfast in her belief that Sheila shouldn’t be anywhere near her family. She was right. A few months later, Sheila ended up shooting Steffy and Finn. Is that why Steffy acts afraid of Sheila? Is she suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)?

Take A Page from Stephanie’s Playbook

Now, Finn has dragged Sheila into his and Steffy’s living room in order to put the matter of her interference to rest once and for all. Sheila went on and on about how important she is to Finn, and she’s his mom, and she’s Hayes’s grandmother…blah…blah…blah…. Why is Steffy letting this go on? At the least, Ridge and Bill (Don Diamont) should be there, ready to pick up Sheila and toss her out of Steffy’s home!

We’d prefer to see Steffy acting like her namesake, her late grandmother Stephanie (Susan Flannery), who never hesitated to go after Sheila. Like Stephanie, Steffy has Sheila’s number. We’ve seen Steffy try to bring down Sheila in the past. What’s holding her back this time? Why is she acting passive instead of assertive and proactive? The take-charge Steffy we know and love should be stopping Sheila in her tracks — not acting fearful, and giving her enemy a platform to speak.

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