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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For B&B: Kimberlin Brown

Kimberlin Brown shined as Sheila learned she is once again a free woman on B&B.

kimberlin brown performer of the week b&b.Kimberlin Brown Performer of the Week for B&B.

Don’t ever count Sheila Carter out. The Bold and the Beautiful villainess managed to cheat the legal system and is once again a free woman. Kimberlin Brown showed a myriad of emotions as Sheila embraced the fates (and possibly a crooked judge) giving her another chance at the happiness that always seemed to elude her.

Kimberlin Brown – Performer of the Week

Bill’s (Don Diamont) plan blew up in his and everyone’s face once Judge Evan Scott (Michael Corbett) revealed he had to throw out the case against Sheila because the evidence was illegally obtained. If Sheila saw this coming, Brown didn’t betray that bit of information in her character’s reaction to the news.

Still, Sheila couldn’t help but be elated after learning she was free. Her joy was slightly tempered by the fact that her pal Mike (Ken Hanes) is still incarcerated. We say slightly because Brown brought a big smiling grin to Sheila’s face in front of Mike. She’s sad he’s still stuck in the slammer but Sheila is overjoyed she’s been freed and Brown opted to let that joy shine through in her performance.

“They gave me life,” Sheila informed her pal. “They gave me my life back, Mike! My future, my freedom.” Mike was incredulous to hear that Sheila’s charges were dismissed and that she was getting a second chance. (Let’s be honest, it’s more like a ninth or tenth chance!)

The irony that Mike has ended up behind bars (for helping Sheila) and she hasn’t been jailed wasn’t lost on the naughty nurse. She seemed quite sincere when she thanked him for everything that he’d done for her. Sheila made Mike’s dream come true when she gave him a tender kiss. She also didn’t hide her enthusiasm about getting another chance to be a mother to Finn (Tanner Novlan) and grandmother to Hayes.

After being back out in society, Sheila made sure she visited Deacon (Sean Kanan) at his apartment. Sure, he played a role in her getting caught but Sheila chose to focus on the good times she and Deacon shared. “I’m back, daddy!” Sheila manically laughed as she and Deacon shared a celebratory embrace and more. Sheila enthusiastically shared with Deacon her hopes for the future. She’s not interested in dwelling on — or sadly, learning from — her past.

Or is she? An enthusiastic Sheila keeps professing to Deacon that she’s not going to waste her newly found freedom. She followed Finn and Kelly (Sophia Paras McKinlay) to the beach to commence immediate stalking. However, thanks to Finn taking his eyes off of Kelly, Sheila’s now poised to play heroine. It looks like B&B has indeed found a way to keep Sheila Carter and Kimberlin Brown around for quite some time. Just as Sheila has nine toes, she also has nine lives!

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