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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For B&B: Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood had Steffy nail Finn over his odd actions and reactions on B&B.

jacqueline macinnes wood - her steffy ripped into finn on b&b.Jacqueline MacInnes Wood delivered the drama on B&B -- as always.

Steffy Forrester Finnegan, played by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, is a level-headed businesswoman who keeps Forrester Creations running smoothly on The Bold and the Beautiful. Steffy also brings brains to her personal life but there was no understanding of Finn’s recent actions regarding what happened at the beach. This set-up enabled Wood, a two-time Daytime Emmy winner, to have Steffy shine like the Queen she is!

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood – Performer of the Week

To her credit, Steffy actually didn’t freak out after Liam (Scott Clifton) showed her a video of Sheila and Finn (Tanner Novlan) embracing. Sure, she wasn’t happy about the hug but she probably was considering the source — Liam is not the president of Finn’s fan club. And, it does take two people to hug. However, Steffy was not, repeat not, going to give Finn any kind of consideration or pass upon finding out that he had almost let Kelly (Sophia Paras McKinlay) drown after he got distracted by a phone call.

Poor Finn didn’t have a leg to stand on. Sure, Sheila did save Kelly from nearly drowning. (Though we don’t know whether or not Finn would have gotten to her on time or if feisty Kelly could have saved herself.) What Steffy is so rightfully irate about is that Finn has partial blinders on when it comes to Sheila. She’s not crazy about his babysitting skills either.

Note to Finn: saying, “Thank God for my mother” isn’t exactly bolstering your case. “I think I might be sick,” Steffy gasped when she learned that Kelly could have drowned. “You never, ever turn your back on a child at the water! You know that!” Steffy blasted Finn, taking the problems in front of her one at a time.

Finn asking his wife to cut Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) some slack was another wrong thing to say. (Seriously, Finn, you may as well forget your wedding anniversary at this point. You’re in the doghouse for a while, bud!) “You want me to cut Sheila some slack?” Steffy said. Wood chose to take a slight pause in between each word to emphasize the fact that Steffy found the request so incredulous.

Finn blew it again by calling Sheila a hero. “A hero? Because of Sheila, Kelly almost lost her mother. Hayes almost lost both of his parents. Sheila — your hero — was willing to let us die after shooting us. Have you forgotten?” Steffy pointed out to her husband.

After Finn again pointed out that Sheila saved Kelly, Wood played exasperated, shocked, and betrayed. Steffy was reminded again in the midst of Finn’s testimonial for Sheila that she did almost lose Kelly. Accepting on some level that okay, yes, Sheila did play a role in preventing that nearly gave Steffy a case of vertigo.

Steffy would make a great lawyer. She cross-examined her husband about how he thanked Sheila after she saved Kelly but then, she also brought up Finn holding Sheila in his arms outside the judge’s chambers. “She embraced you — and you embraced her back, didn’t you?” Steffy asked, already knowing the answer to the question she posed.

“We agreed to keep that lunatic out of her lives for good!” Steffy shouted at Finn. “How could you do this? How am I ever supposed to trust you again?” That is a really good question. It’s one we look forward to seeing Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (as Steffy) answer in the coming months. Finn and Steffy cheated death to reunite — surely, they can cheat Sheila Carter. Or can they?

Honorable mentions: Kudos to Tanner Novlan, whose character Finn, needless to say, opted to see Sheila from a very different perspective from his wife (and pretty much everyone else in the entire world). Whether you agree with him or not (and you probably don’t), he found the truth in Finn’s point of view. Also, Naomi Matsuda (Li) shined as Finn’s adoptive mother, who had her own angry reaction to the whole Sheila mess.

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