The Smartest Soap: How Days of our Lives Snagged the Prestigious Title

Days of our Lives InsiderDays of our Lives Insider

Two soaps have stopped production. A third is scrambling to do whatever it can not to run out of episodes. Then there’s Days of our Lives, the show that’s sitting pretty and patiently waiting for the coronavirus to run its course.

Days of our Lives — Lots In The Bank

Suddenly, the NBC daytime drama has emerged as the smartest soap. How did DAYS snag the title? By taping ahead — months and months ahead.

Who’s Laughing Now?
Industry folks used to make cracks about them, saying its gameplan was dumb and didn’t make sense. The show was too far ahead. Its brass couldn’t readily change things that weren’t working. It’s a pretty sure bet those folks wish they were in their shoes now, effortlessly proceeding along without a production care in the world.


While The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful are totally out of episodes, and General Hospital only has about a month’s worth left, DAYS is the lone show with no worries about what’s going to air in May, June, July, and into the fall. They’ve got shows completed and edited for those months and beyond. Sources, in fact, reveal that the soap was about to shoot Halloween episodes when production was abruptly halted.

No Need to Rush
Because of their unique situation, the NBC soap is in no hurry to rush back to production. The soap can continue to protect its employees – actors, crew, and the entire behind-the-scenes team by putting their health and welfare first.

DAYS can remain shut down throughout the summer and still air new fresh episodes on a daily basis. While the other soaps might be compelled to return to work sooner, they won’t have to.

When DAYS finally does get back into production, it can do so calmly and easily. There will be no sense of urgency, no desperation to get something new on the air as quickly as possible. It will able to forge forward as normal, smoothly and effortlessly.

Capturing Fans

If DAYS is lucky, one positive from the current situation might be picking up some frustrated fans from the soaps that aren’t airing new content. A viewer desperate for their afternoon soap fix might flip the channel and notice one daytime drama is still going strong — and become Salem fan. That’s what makes DAYS the smartest soap right now.

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