Exclusive Interview: Kristen Alderson On Life During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Kristen Alderson Soap Hub Exclusive InterviewKristen Alderson Soap Hub Exclusive Interview

Viewers watched Kristen Alderson grow up before our eyes, as Starr Manning on One Life To Live. After that show came to an unceremonious halt, she eventually brought Starr to General Hospital. After switching to originating the role of Kiki and the actress won her first Daytime Emmy Award, Alderson chose to walk away from the soap and soon returned to her hometown in Pennsylvania.

Kristen Alderson — Catching Up

How have you been dealing with the COVID-19 shutdown?
When the shutdown happened, I was in the middle of my first semester of college. All of my classes had to be changed into online classes. I’m extremely grateful that I had school work to do, it kept my mind busy and gave me goals to meet every day. I started the shutdown with doing a lot of home workouts, but then once I figured that no one would see my results, on a beach or anything, I’ve slowed down – in a major way.

You’ve always been close to your family, so in that regard, it’s business as usual?
Yes, I’m extremely close to my mom, brother, and dad. all of who I live with, along with my brother’s girlfriend. They’re really my closest friends anyway, so the whole social aspect hasn’t bothered me.

Have you picked up any new hobbies?
Brittany Underwood is my best girlfriend, and she and I have a long-distance friendship. So we started playing the online game Fortnight, and we’ve had a blast doing that!

Fun In Los Angeles

You had just been to L.A. earlier this year?
Yes, it seems so long ago, but in March I bought a ticket to Los Angeles to visit Brittany. It had been two years since I had been to L.A., so I really wanted to go out and see her and my other friends.

And that was right before the stay-at-home order?
That’s exactly when I left. It was nerve-wracking! Just as I was about to head home, my mom was already worried that they were going to put a stop to travel. It was just starting to be a thing, so I knew enough to wipe down my seat and armrests on the plane, and I was careful not to be too close to people at the airport. I think I made it home just in time – not even knowing the actual quarantine was going to happen.

Your dad worked at the airport in Philadelphia?
Yes! My dad was a cop at the Philadelphia airport for something crazy, like 30 years. He retired from that about five years ago and is now working somewhere else.

So, while he was a big shot at the airport, was he able to push his weight around and sneak you past security with more than three ounces of shampoo?
No, but we did sometimes get bumped up the line, but we always still had to go through security – and still had to take our shoes off.

Didn’t you get special line-breaking privileges at Disneyland through the years, too?
Yes, I miss Super Soap Weekend. Now, when I go I’ve gotten pretty good at using FastPass!

Kristen Alderson — Moving Forward

Where can your fans find you in a new role these days?
I filmed a pilot called Milange. It’s on LogoTV’s YouTube page and on Facebook. It is a very dramatic, soapy, and funny show. I play a character named Abigail Collins. Please watch it!

There is a trailer of you wandering around Times Square.
Yes, that wasn’t even planned. We were shooting a couple of blocks from Times Square and then we decided to just go up to Broadway. It was actually very exciting to be there, with all the people, I’m sure, wondering ‘what’s going on?’ It was one of the coolest experiences in my life.

Once everything gets back to normal, what are you most looking forward to?
I’m just looking forward to not having to worry anytime I cough or have a little trouble breathing. The anxiety of getting sick, or my family getting sick, is horrific. I’m also looking forward to giving my Granny, who’s been in lockdown in a nursing home, a hug. And, of course, I want to work again. Hopefully, Melange will get to film its full season soon.

So many people still love One Life to Live, and fans get so excited at any mention or rumor that pops up.
I know! And ABC kind of teases every once in a while ‘oh, we’re talking about it, there have been more talks.” It just seems like it wouldn’t be as difficult as they make it seem – with Hulu and Disney+. I feel like there is somewhere that One Life To Live would work.

All these years later, what do you think Starr might be doing now?
Well, Starr has always been a singer, so she’d still be wanting to sing. Maybe she is a veterinarian because she loved reptiles. I hope that Cole and Hope are actually alive and in Llanview, maybe she’s with them. Or Starr and Cole got a divorce and they are co-parenting. And that could open up Starr to come back to Port Charles to see what Michael is up to. The possibilities are endless!

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