Exclusive Interview: Jacklyn Zeman On Life During COVID-19 Pandemic

With soap production shut down since March and only getting restarted last month, our favorite actors were home like so many of us due to the coronavirus pandemic. General Hospital star Jacklyn Zeman has used this time to reflect about life — and she tells Soap Hub all about it in this exclusive chat.

Jacklyn Zeman Talks About Life

What have you learned about yourself while being stuck in quarantine?
I like walking around outside for exercise more than hopping on a treadmill or an elliptical in the gym.

You’ve lived the single life for a few years now. How do you think this would have worked out differently if you were married or in a long term relationship?
Cooking for one requires the same amount of time and effort as cooking for two. And, I like leftovers. It makes me happy when I can open the fridge and it has several choices already prepared.

How has this change affected being a new grandmother?
My daughter [and new aunt] Lacey Rose and I were tested and then we drove to SF to visit [granddaughter] Kennedy and the family. In between our “in-person” visits, we FaceTime. I bought some puppets online to play with Kennedy when we FaceTime. She loves the puppets.

You have such a close-knit family; what about your lunches and dinners with your daughters?
We find a private spot to picnic outside in the yard or in the park on a big blanket. It’s fun!

Have your other projects, The Bay and Misguided, been affected?
Yes, well, everyone everywhere has been. We shot most of the new season for The Bay on a ranch in Santa Ynez. Everyone was tested and temperatures taken every day. It was actually more safe than life off the ranch.

Because we knew that everyone was healthy. And the rules were strict regarding masks, food, and community spaces. As for Misguided, Paul Gosselin, our producer, has sent us the scripts for the new season. We haven’t started shooting yet but we have compelling drama and tons of fun packed into the upcoming storyline.

Did you shop on Amazon and online a lot before the stay-at-home mandate?
Actually, prior to the stay-at-home mandate, I have always preferred shopping in person. Changing routine and in-person selections feel more creative and are more interesting and exciting to me. I miss the personal touch.

What food did your mom or grandmothers make that you’ve not been able to duplicate, so you’ve given up trying?
My grandma’s bread dumplings. They were the BEST ever. We have all tried to duplicate the recipe over the years but they have never tasted as good as Gram’s. She never used a recipe. She just measured a little of this and that in all of her cooking and baking. So there were never any recipes for any of her tasty home cooking. It was all done by her personal touch.

What book are you currently reading?
Power Words by Sharon Anne Klinger.

What television show would your fans and friends be surprised you never miss?
Outlander, Succession, Mom. And I’m currently watching reruns of Rizzoli and Isles.

Which movie do you never tire of seeing?
Love Actually. I have it on my TV list so I can watch it anytime.

What’s your favorite summer activity?
I mostly stay at home in the summer as it is very crowded near the beaches during the summer months. I share beach walks in my neighborhood with family and friends.

If you were a pro athlete instead of an actor on General Hospital, what sport would it be?
I would be a dancer. I started dancing around the living room when I was very young and I still love to dance.

What’s your favorite amusement park?
When I was a kid, my family would go to Palisades Amusement Park in New Jersey. It was so much fun for all of us. This was long before I ever visited Disney World or Disneyland.

What’s was your favorite television show when you were a kid?
Lassie and Rin Tin Tin. I love dogs. And I Love Lucy – because I like to laugh.

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