Exclusive Interview: Hayley Erin On Life During The Coronavirus Pandemic

While General Hospital fans still mourn the loss of Kiki Jerome, they’re very happy for the success of her portrayer, Hayley Erin, who also portrayed Abby Newman for a time on The Young and the Restless. Soap Hub caught up with the actress to find out how she has been doing during the coronavirus shutdown of productions in Los Angeles.

Hayley Erin — Catching Up

How are you dealing with COVID-19? Have you stayed in L.A. or made your way to family?
Dealing with COVID has been stressful for me, like everyone. I’ve been very serious about sanitizing EVERYTHING, and now that I’m a germaphobe I doubt I’ll go back! Luckily my family is based in L.A., so I’ve been able to help my parents and grandparents get supplies and blow them kisses through the window.

Who have you missed most during the pandemic?
My dogs! I’ve been able to socially distance and say hi to most of my friends and family since this all began, but my dogs live with my parents and I’ve never gone so long without seeing them.

Do you have any new hobbies?
I’ve been staying sane with travel shows, I highly recommend them for anyone with cabin fever! Anthony Bourdain is my absolute favorite.

You had finished filming Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists; did the shutdown affect another job coming up?
I wish! Luckily, I’m developing a project with Chloe Lanier that has been keeping us really busy. GH fans are going to love it!!

When is the last time you dusted off your Daytime Emmy; where do you keep it?
I moved in January and had her belted into the passenger seat of my car! She used to live on top of the fridge, now she’s on my bar cart with some of my other favorite things.

Do you miss the General Hospital cast?
ALWAYS. I’m really close with some still! That was the first family I had outside of my own, I will always love and cherish them, cast and crew alike.

Who do you keep in touch with from GH?
Chloe is my soul sister and Rob [Palmer Watkins; ex-Dillon] is my #1 bud. Brytni [Sarpy; ex-Valerie, now Elena, The Young and the Restless] too, she’s such a beautiful human being, inside and out. And Maura [West, Ava] is always there for me… even if Ava wasn’t for Kiki. I keep in touch with mostly everyone thanks to Twitter and these newfangled “smart” phones haha!

What kind of project would you like to work on next?
I’ve always been such a TV gal, I’d love to sink my teeth into a film or stage role. Maybe a villain? Kiki’s evil twin Mimi perhaps?

Who would be your dream actor to be cast opposite?
Michaela Coel is breaking down every barrier in the industry with grace and style. She’s my hero, so I’d be blown away by an opportunity to work with her.

Is there a comedy in your future?
The project I’m developing with Chloe is a comedy series, so fingers crossed!

So you’re ready to get back to work?
Definitely. Chloe and I are having a blast navigating this new world of project development and we’re fortunate to have a great team behind us, so if all goes well, I’d love our first jobs back to be shooting our own show!

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