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The Life And Times Of Kiki Jerome on General Hospital (GH)

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Lauren Katherine “Kiki” Jerome has spent much of her General Hospital (GH) and Port Charles life torn between brothers Michael and Morgan… until someone more stable for her came along.

Captain Morgan
She first came to town as Morgan’s girlfriend, after meeting him in online gambling sites and feeding his gambling addiction. Morgan’s parents were not happy with her, but resigned themselves to the relationship.

Kiki (then Kristen Alderson)soon developed a friendship with Morgan’s older brother, Michael, and the two bonded over their dysfunctional families. Kiki was further distressed when her mother announced she was really a Quartermaine and daughter of Franco.

A Quartermaine?
Although she had feelings for Michael, this new news meant that she was related to Michael (as he was the biological son of A.J. Quartermaine) and they could not pursue a romance.

Kiki agreed to marry Morgan thinking she could never be with Michael (Chad Duell). However, she had no idea Morgan was aware that Silas Clay (Michael Easton) was her real father, not making her related to Michael at all. When she learned Morgan was aware of this all along, she broke things off with him and moved in with Michael.

Nope, But She Loves Franco
Michael and Kiki had some problems when she decided to keep Franco (Roger Howarth) in her life and Michael felt he was responsible for his mother’s disappearance. It turned out Franco was not responsible and he and Carly eventually embarked on a romance.

More Morgan
After growing close to Silas and then losing him, Kiki (Hayley Erin) decided to move on from Michael and try things again with Morgan. His bipolar disorder hurt their relationship–and hurt Kiki the most when she got caught in the cross-fire of a gun meant to Morgan and was shot.

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Torn Between Two Men Again
After Morgan was committed, and Kiki recovered, she developed a friendship with Dillon Quartermaine. However, she felt obligated to resume her romance with Morgan once he recovered. Then, tragedy struck.

Morgan was killed in a car bomb meant for her Uncle Julian just when she was going to break things off and try a relationship with Dillon.

Pulling It Together
Kiki has since gotten her life together, became a nursing assistant, is considering medical school, and is madly in love with Dillon. What could possibly go wrong.

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