Exclusive Interview: General Hospital’s William Lipton On Music, Emmys, A Birthday In Quarantine

General Hospital William Lipton InsiderGeneral Hospital William Lipton Insider

General Hospital star William Lipton is just 17 years old and his music is already getting some serious recognition. He was nominated for a Daytime Emmy this year for his own original song, North Star. Soap Hub just had a chat with the talented young actor where he talks about his nomination, his music, and of course, life in quarantine.

William Lipton: About That Emmy Nod — And Music

Congratulations on your Emmy nomination for your music – that’s incredible – how exciting is that?

It is so so exciting to be nominated for another Emmy this year, especially for my music! If you told past me when I was initially working on the song that it would be up for an Emmy, I’m not sure how I’d react. I feel very fortunate that I received so much support from both the GH family at prospect studios as well as the fans surrounding North Star and its appearance at the Nurses Ball. I cannot wait for the upcoming event and I am super excited to represent GH in this category.

I also feel super honored to be nominated alongside the GH nominees who have displayed such amazing work this past year. With all the talented individuals from GH up for the other categories, I know we are going to bring some victories home. So incredibly honored to work with these fine people and I will be rooting for them from behind my computer screen!

What have you learned about yourself these past few months at home?

These past months at home have given me a lot of time to explore my passion for music and because of that, I have discovered in myself that I have a huge interest in music theory and the more technical knowledge of music.

Where is the best place for GH fans to find your music?

My music can be very easily found on Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, and any other music platform imaginable. I have a lot of new music ready for release coming this summer and I am very excited for everyone to hear what I’ve been working on this past year!

Do you prefer singing or acting – just choose one?

I honestly cannot choose one! Both allow me to express myself in different ways. With music, I get to create songs or perform music and share that with people. Acting is also so amazing because you can transform yourself into another person’s shoes and build intricate layers to a character. Both are similar and different from one another and I couldn’t live without them.

A Birthday In Quarantine

Happy birthday! What are your plans?

Due to the lockdown, celebrations will be limited to my family. I know we will have a little breakfast celebration and a nice dinner. A day spent with my family is all I really need.

What would have you ultimately wanted to do on your birthday?

For birthdays, normally there are some aspects that are traditional and some parts that are spontaneous. Under normal circumstances, a larger celebration would’ve been fun, or a dinner out with the family would also be a possibility. However, at the moment, I am simply glad my family is safe and healthy and here to celebrate with me.

Have you had a birthday that was something really special, more than the others?

I don’t remember what year I was turning specifically, but when I was much younger, my mom threw the coolest Star Wars-themed birthday. She worked so hard on it and it was so much fun to go running around with my friends with all the Star Wars stations set up in our backyard. Very thankful for that day and I know it will be a birthday I will never forget!

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