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Exclusive Interview: Days of our Lives Star Arianne Zucker On Life

Arianne Zucker Days of our LivesDays of our Lives' Arianne Zucker

For Days of our Lives star Arianne Zucker (Nicole), life in lockdown has actually been quite busy. The actress and her partner, DAYS alum Shawn Christian (ex-Daniel) have been busy doing home improvements, caring for their new pets, and working on a new business.

Arianne Zucker Opens Up

“We had a major leak in our house,” Zucker tells SoapHub. “We had all this really gross leakage coming out of the flooring on the outside of the house. It was bad, like some black sludge. My dad’s a plumber, and he was like, ‘Well, if it’s not coming from the actual faucet or the showerhead, you’ve got to break the wall.’ So Shawn and I took the hammer to the wall and did the demo to see where the leak is coming from.”

You can check out the couple’s DIY handiwork on Instagram here. But after breaking down the wall, Zucker and Christian left the repair work to the professionals. “Now that’s getting fixed with a contractor,” she says.

Special Projects

Not having to do the work themselves has enabled Zuker to focus on some other passion projects — like her podcast, Everything From A To Z.

“It’s about finding the hero in you. Being your own advocate, being your own superstar,” Zucker explains. “So many of us rely on other things to make us happy, and we have a responsibility to ourselves and, especially if we have families, for our little ones, to stay positive. Everyone has a hero in them. It’s just about activating it.”

Since launching her podcast in late March, Zucker’s talked about things like what she’s grateful for and finding abundance in your life. Guests have included frontline responder Nataly Kuznetsov; the actress’s brother, middle school principal Todd Zucker; renowned chiropractor Dr. Robert Gonzales; and her own partner, Christian. As she prepares to drop a new batch of episodes in the coming weeks, Zucker is also planning to give a push to her first ones.

“I’m relaunching the 10 episodes I’ve done so far, boost it again,” the actress notes. “I’m always listening to podcasts to become a better person, a better businesswoman. But there [are] so many podcasts. I thought this would be a great time to boost them, give people an opportunity to listen to them again, or check them out if someone missed it.”

Arianne Zucker Shows She Cares

Another new project of Zucker’s is working as a founder of Daytime Cares, a group of film and television performers who have been using their celebrity status to assist those in need. “We started by highlighting organizations that have done amazing work during COVID-19,” she explains.

The website provides links to organizations doing charitable works, and inspirational videos on subjects like staying positive amid a pandemic, and advice from financial experts on how to manage money during a crisis. “As COVID-19 starts to change, we’ll add charities relevant to the current news and spread our wings,” Zucker says. “We’re slowly adding things and it will be ongoing as time goes on.”

Another passion project the actress has been working on during the past few weeks is joining forces with Christian, a fellow positivity advocate, in a new business venture.

“We’re connecting our business together,” she shares. “He has something called A Life With A Purpose that he does on his Instagram page, and then there’s my podcast, both about creating positive surroundings in our lives. So we decided to start something called Aloha Sunset Sessions.”

Unlike Cameo videos, where celebrities record customized messages for fans for a fee, Christian and Zucker are offering live inspirational conversations via Zoom with Aloha Sunset Sessions.

“We’re using our life coaching skills to give advice, or just offer entertainment or whatever it is that someone might want to talk out,” Zucker says.

The Aloha Sunset Sessions were inspired, in part, by the current global pandemic. “Right now, we can’t do fan events. It’s going to be a long time,” Zucker says. “We thought it would be a really great way to connect with our fans.”

In between working on all of her business ventures, Zucker has been busy with all of her family’s four-legged members. The actress frequently volunteers with animal rescue organizations, and the family adopted a dog last December.

Right before quarantine, three bunnies joined the Zucker/Christian home — and the actress’s daughter, 10-year-old Izzy, has been a great fur parent! In fact, the family isn’t even planning a long summer vacation because of the rabbits!

“Izzy doesn’t want to leave her bunnies yet because they’re still acclimating,” reports Zucker. “But hopefully we’ll be able to do some fun weekend trips, like camping.”

As much as the actress has enjoyed being at home with her family, she’s looking forward to the day that Days of our Lives gets the green light to resume taping. “I love being at home, but I’m a worker bee. I’ve had jobs for as long as I can remember. I’m ready.”

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