Exclusive Interview: Bryan Craig On Life During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Bryan Craig General Hospital InsiderBryan Craig General Hospital Insider

Two-time Daytime Emmy award winner Bryan Craig has given one of General Hospital’s greatest portrayals in dozens of years as Morgan Corinthos. The only problem, the talented actor took off for greener pastures, eventually (after a starring role in a feature film) landing a major part in the ABC drama Grand Hotel, last year.

Bryan Craig – Catching Up

Few actors have won two Emmys in such a short amount of time and then, making the story better, you headed out of town. Have you ever second-guessed your decision to leave General Hospital?
No. I’ve never second-guessed my opinion, but there have been times where I’ve missed actors I’ve worked with. And, I’ve also missed the consistency of the work, which is very hard to find elsewhere.

It must be nice to know fans haven’t ever given up – demanding you bring the character back?
Yes, I can only be thankful for how loyal the fans of GH have been. It’s been very motivating for me.

With Morgan showing up in Port Charles during these repeat weeks on General Hospital, it’s sort of a tease to your fans who are reminded how much they miss you. Is it fun to be back on the airwaves?
Yes, I love when they air old episodes. It brings up great memories for me and it’s sort of like looking at a photo album of my work. It’s always nice to remind myself where I came from.

Maurice Benard [Sonny] will be furious if he is not mentioned, so, do you keep in touch with him?
Yes, of course. Always! Maurice will always be a great friend of mine.

You’ve spent part of the shutdown is California, Florida, and New York City, so you’ve made the most of COVID-19?
I wouldn’t say I’ve made the most of it. But I’ve found a place where I’m happy and surrounded by good people and friends, so that definitely helps.

Life During Coronvirus

You’ve had a lot of family time in Florida, and it appears you and friends have a bachelor pad in New York City – the best of both worlds?
Yes, I have a great setup in NYC in the same building as a close friend of mine and near other friends. And, my family is a two-hour plane ride away in Florida. So, yes, my setup is good!

This is a time families never expected to have again – everybody together for long periods of time – how has that worked for you?
It’s been fine. But, enough time with family and you need a break – and your own space. I’m sure everyone can relate to that.

There is a big age difference between you and your younger brother, Brad. Do you put in a lot of work to sustain your relationship?
Yes, he has a phone now and he’s almost a teenager. Now we have the ability to text and talk on the phone, so we communicate more as he gets older.

You do a lot of teasing on social media with him, so it’s clear you guys are really close.
Yeah, we have our own humor, so we like to mess around. I think the older he gets, the closer we will get also.

You’re ready to get back to work?
I’ve never been more ready!

Bryan Craig And Grand Hotel

You were great – the best thing on Grand Hotel. Did you love working on the ABC series?
I had a great time on Grand Hotel and loved the character and cast. It ended way too soon, unfortunately.

You were pretty upset it wasn’t back for a second season?
Like anyone would be. Yes, I was bummed to lose my job, but it’s the nature of what we do.

Did you think your character should have been more prevalent towards the end of the season – there was so much going on for him, which wasn’t explored?
I think it would’ve picked up in the second season. But who knows, it was a fun ride.

You have a long career ahead of you; what kinds of roles do you look forward to playing?
Anything different than what I’ve already done. I have a secret checklist that I hope to finish at some point in my life.

As soon as Hollywood opens back up, if you could star in a movie with any actor, who would that be?
Christian Bale. I mean there’s a massive list of people I’d love to work with but he’s the major A-lister that I would love to work with.

Finally, what’s the chance you’ll ever come back to General Hospital for even a short amount of time?
There’s always a chance…………

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