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Writers’ Strike Update: Here’s What We Know And Why It Matters To Soap Fans!

Soap Opera Writer strike updateSoap Opera Writer strike update

For the last month, the entertainment industry has been on edge over the possibility that another writers’ strike could happen. Luckily, last night the crisis was averted, as a deal was struck.

The writers and producers have agreed on a new three-year pact, which is being celebrated by all involved–meaning your favorite soap opera will continue uninterrupted for the foreseeable future — at least as far as writer contracts are concerned.

It also means there won’t be weird storyline changes abruptly at the last second like what happened during the last strike of 2007-2008.

That strike (and contract negotiations) dragged on for 100 days, and the result was devastating on the industry as people (not just writers) lost their homes, businesses, and left the industry. It cost the L.A. community, according to the Associated Press, about $2.5 billion.

There was also a rumor that the actors might join the strike this time, making production screech to a halt.

Last go-round, the actors continued working, performing in scripts that were written by “scabs” — writers who crossed the picket line or perhaps production people getting their chance to write for the first time.

Some of your favorite writers and actors shared their enthusiasm for the positive outcome on Twitter.

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