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The Boss Baby’s Super Surprising Secret Soap Opera Past!


Have you seen “The Boss Baby?” It was still number three at the box office six weeks after release, so odds are, a lot of Americans have.

But did you know that in addition to infiltrating homes to make sure that adults continue to love babies more than puppies, The Boss Baby also has a secret past… in soap-operas?

Is There A Doctor In the House?
That’s right! Alec Baldwin, who voices The Boss Baby and is best known for his prime-time turn as Jack on 30 Rock, as well as for making famous movie speeches ranging from “Always Be Closing” to ‘I AM God,” actually started his acting career in daytime?

He made his debut in 1980 on The Doctors, playing, not a doctor, but bad boy Billy Aldrich. Billy was one of those characters – think Tom on As the World Turns, Jamie on Another Word, AJ on General Hospital, and Patti on Search for Tomorrow – who start off as children or are born on the show, and then are constantly recast.

Baldwin was the last and, many would say, definitive Billy. Kim Zimmer (Reva; Guiding Light) who played his lover and nemesis, Nola, recalled watching Baldwin audition.

She said he was clearly the least experienced of the group, but definitely the sexiest. Billy married Greta because she was pregnant, but proceeded to cheat on her and engage in multiple get-rich schemes.

Billy ended up dead, killed in the final whodunit before The Doctors was cancelled in 1982.

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Nighttime Baddie
By 1984, Baldwin was wreaking nighttime havoc on Knots Landing as Joshua Rush, abandoned son of LiliMae (Julie Harris), brother of Valene (Joan Van Ark).

Joshua started out as a sweet, religious kid who quickly turned into a jealous control freak prone to beating his wife, Cathy (Lisa Hartman).

Joshua eventually decided the best way to remain married forever was a joint murder-suicide. He dragged Cathy up on a roof, prepared to fling her and himself off. But then LiliMae yelled at him, and Joshua ended up falling off on his own.

Maybe he got reincarnated as a Boss Baby?

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Knots Landing Lillie Mae and Joshua Rush

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