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Most Twisted Soap Opera Villains Through the Years

soap operaTwisted soap opera villains

There have certainly been some twisted people on soap operas over the years and those colorful villains have provided a lot of entertainment if not downright scary moments.

The Young and the Restless
Oh Pattycakes (Stacy Haiduk), you sure know how to make your squeaky clean brother Paul sad. All he wanted was to get you sane and you just couldn’t play along. At least, not without a cat nearby — who you could eventually kill and stuff. But let’s not digress.

She shot both Victor and Jack a few times, held that sweet Colleen Carlton hostage, blackmailed Sharon (but watching Sharon freak out made it sort of okay) and intentionally gave Summer peanuts when she was allergic. Naughty Pattycakes!

General Hospital
Her homicidal husband tried to freeze to death all of Port Charles, but Helena (Constance Towers) had the nerve to blame Luke and Laura for killing him and put a curse on them on their wedding day. She was plague on the Spencers ever since.

She made everyone believe Lucky was dead, poisoned her son Stefan and left him to drown, stabbed her husband’s mistress to death in front of her daughter Alexis, tried to kill grandson Nik’s beloved Emily countless times, falsely imprisoned many, poisoned others, brainwashed half the town and was just an all around fun person to have terrorizing Port Chuckles.

Days of Our Lives
Has there ever been another villain as dynamic and colorful – and downright sinister – as Stefano DiMera (Joe Mascolo)? Let’s not forget inventive!

From organ swapping to baby swapping, creating imposters, body snatching, kidnappings, and don’t forget all that he did to Marlena, John, Bo, Hope, Steve, and countless others.

And you could never get rid of him – the Phoenix rose more times than anyone could count. As horrible as was, life in Salem would have been so dull without him.

The Bold and the Beautiful
She was so bad, she wreaked havoc on TWO soap towns! Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) may have started off being bad in Genoa City, but she certainly was able to destroy lives in Los Angeles just as easily.

She even did it to the same gal! Poor Lauren Fenmore thought she was safe from Shelia after the woman terrorized her in GC, but no such luck. Of course, she wasn’t nice to others.

She shot Stephanie/Brooke/Taylor, kidnapped Amber, held the Forresters hostage, was believed to have killed Ridge – and that’s just in Los Angles!

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