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Ned on General Hospital Vs. Justin on Days of Our Lives: Soap Hub Makes A Choice!

Ned on GH and Justin on DAYSNed on GH and Justin on DAYS

It can be awfully confusing watching soaps when you have one actor playing two different characters on two different shows on two different channels.

However, Wally Kurth certainly pulls it off with finesse as there are obvious differences between Ned Ashton on General Hospital (GH) and Justin Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives (DOOL). And, it’s not just the way they wear their hair.

While we have nothing against Justin, we’re not really sure what he lends to DAYS at the moment. He has no real storyline, he was rejected by the girl, and despite’s Kurth’s talents, he often functions as a glorified extra.

However, he is so much more as Ned on GH. Today, he proved that in his scenes with Jane Elliot’s Tracy, as Ned let his mother know how much he loves her and how much she deserves to be loved.

With Elliot leaving the soap soon, the Quartermaines will need to keep as many members around as possible, so Ned will become more necessary than ever on the canvas.

Besides, he was NOT rejected by the girl and is now engaged to marry Olivia (Lisa LoCicero). A cute and quirky mature couple, Ned and Olivia lend something to the soap that Justin can’t when kept without a love interest. (And isn’t love what makes soaps go ’round?)

While both characters are beloved and have been around on and off for decades, it’s time GH offer Kurth a contract and keep Ned around for good. DAYS had its chance two years ago and blew it. Now, it’s time for PC to benefit.

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Wally Kurth sings Learning to Fly

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