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Ex-Wife Claims Kristoff St. John Was ‘Suicidal’

Kristoff St. John February 6Kristoff St. John

Earlier this week, a coroner’s report stated that Kristoff St. John died from hypertrophic heart disease, but now with more of the report making it to the media, there have been some shocks.

The report also states that the heart condition was exacerbated by ethanol, meaning alcohol and that there was significant alcohol in St. John’s system.

In fact, Mia St. John, the actor’s former wife, told The New York Daily News she was surprised how the report focused on heart disease as much as it did.

“I think it’s misleading,” she told The News. “He had four times the legal limit (in his system). The amount of alcohol was a lethal amount.”

The report also states the actor had been hospitalized on January 26 for what turned out to be a 72-hour psych hold.

“Kristoff was in the hospital just two days before he died. Our attorney Mark Geragos got him in there. It was supposed to be for two weeks, but they let him go after a few days without letting me know.

“I was livid,” she said. “He was suicidal going in and suicidal leaving.”

Mia also claims St. John called her just before he passed, asking her to tell his daughters he loved them and saying he was their son, Julian, who passed away due to mental illness in 2014.

When the call ended, she had a friend go check on him and the actor’s body was soon found.

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