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Over-the-Top Back-From-The-Dead Soap Opera Stories

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Coming back from the dead almost seems like a normal rite of passage for a soap opera character, but some returns have been even crazier than… well… you know… your average coming back from the dead.

In fact, these are some of the more memorable ones, even the one that just happened.

The Young and the Restless
Adam died in a fiery car crash, and it seemed there was no coming back from that. Well don’t underestimate Adam Newman (Justin Hartley), especially if he steals another man’s identity and calls himself Gabriel.

Rather than run back to the woman he loves and the family that (ahem) loved him, Adam decided to stay on the down low before reclaiming his life as the heir to the Newman fortune.

Alas, poor Adam couldn’t cheat death forever and it finally came calling for him….or did it?

General Hospital
Coming back from the dead is not just a Jerome family trait – there are plenty others (try the whole Spencer family minus Lulu – including Grandma Lesley!) in Port Charles.

But Olivia’s (Tonja Walker) was 26 years in the making, which makes it extra special, as does her particular brand of crazy. So much for thinking that her quest for enlightenment may have toned down her nuttiness.

No, she’s got her freak flag flying at full speed, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Days of Our Lives
In a town like Salem, where one man can resurrect himself a dozen times or so, it’s hard to believe Stefano doesn’t win this prize.

No, this one goes to Roman Brady (sorry, Josh Taylor but we have to give it to Wayne Northrop’s version). For years, another man had us thinking he was Roman, also returned from the dead.

But the poor man was in for a rude awakening when the real deal showed up and turned him back into John Black. Now that was one shocking return.

The Bold and the Beautiful
Taylor (Hunter Tylo) was assumed dead not once but twice and both times a prince of a guy named Omar Rashid spirited her away to have as his own.

How lucky can a gal be to have a prince come to her rescue? Well, in Taylor’s case, not that lucky. She escaped him both times to return to Ridge. Well, she tried to…but the first time there was this gal named Brooke…

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