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Wild Speculation: Will Margaux Kill Shiloh on General Hospital?!

Shiloh and Margaux General HospitalShiloh and Margaux General Hospital

As more and more people get angry at Shiloh and his strange sex cult on General Hospital, it seems inevitable that the charismatic life coach with a twist is going to end up six feet under — but who will do it?

When trying to solve a soap mystery, there are certain clues to look for — and we think we may have spotted one.

A good rule of thumb is who would the show like to say goodbye to. Margaux doesn’t have much purpose on the show except to have people arrested and it’s not like GH is keeping her all that busy on the show.

Her flirtation with Drew (Billy Miller) has gone nowhere. Her flirtation with Sonny (Maurice Benard) has gone nowhere. Her flirtation with joining Dawn of Day has gone nowhere — though we do suspect that it may have flourished offscreen.

What if it has? If or rather when Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) is exposed to be the fraud that he is, there is no doubt that as D.A., it may hit Margaux the hardest.

If she feels like a fool yet again (she couldn’t have felt great when big bad Sonny showed her it was her own mother responsible for her dad’s death), she could totally lose it.

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Margaux doesn’t like to lose and she certainly doesn’t like to be humiliated. And what if she wants to prosecute him but he threatens to reveal her darkest secret (you just know she’s going to join the Trust too) if she moves forward with a case? Her job could be in jeopardy but even worse — her sense of self-respect.

What if Margaux, unwilling to take that kind of blow gain, blows a gasket and literally blows him away?

While we hate to see the good guys made to be bad guys while mobsters are glorified as heroes, it could actually make the character interesting and give Hendrickson, who deserves so much better, something fun to play.

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Video Credit: General Hospital

Video Credit: General Hospital

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