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Why Aren’t We Seeing More of Finn and Liz on General Hospital?

GH Spoilers Hamilton Finn and Elizabeth Webber on General HospitalGH Spoilers Hamilton Finn and Elizabeth Webber on General Hospital

Viewers are enjoying the relationship between Hamilton Finn and Elizabeth Webber Baldwin on General Hospital – that is when they get a chance to see them. Michael Easton and Rebecca Herbst are seasoned pros, fan favorites, and have tons of talent. One thing they don’t have is enough air time.

General Hospital – More “Linn,” Less “Fizz”

Finn and Elizabeth aren’t the first two characters to be put together, in part, because their previous co-stars exited the screen. Finn became single after Hayden Barnes exited Port Charles, abruptly, and his engagement to Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) ended over the lies she told related to her nephew Peter August (Wes Ramsey). Speaking of Peter, Liz tragically lost her husband Franco (Roger Howarth) after Peter killed him.

Easton and Herbst each know what it takes to make an on-screen relationship work. It’s an added plus when there’s built-in chemistry as there is with these two. Finn and Liz are friends and they can share confidences. They have medicine in common and a similar moral code. But there are limits. Finn almost lost Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) – the brother he thought was his son – after he inadvertently imbibed some poison that Peter meant for Finn.

Liz lost Franco, her husband, and stepfather to her three sons on General Hospital to Peter’s evil machinations. She had every reason to want to see Peter leave this mortal plane and so when he fell down the hospital stairwell stairs during a fight with Finn, it not only appeared as if Peter was indeed dead but the moment bonded Liz and Finn. They agreed to keep what happened a secret. Nothing connects a couple like having a good, strong secret.

Story For Finn And Liz

There are lots of obstacles that can still come between these two. First, is Hayden ever going to come back to town and try to rekindle her relationship with Finn? Will all of Liz’s sons accept Finn as a new stepdad and/or father figure? Let’s not forget that while Peter’s been captured (finally!), he’s still among the living and could be hatching a plan to get even with Finn over his near-death experience.

We’ve been led to believe that Liz has a secret about her father, Dr. Jeff Webber. (Note: please don’t retroactively reveal that Jeff has some icky past related to his family as a previous regime did with his older brother Rick. That’s something that should be retroactively gotten rid of — but we digress.) Veteran GH fans only recall Dr. Jeff Webber as a stand-up guy – well, except for when he dumped virginal Annie Logan. Yes, we know a lot can happen in 40 years but hopefully, Jeff will not be revealed as someone who turned nefarious.

However, the Liz/Jeff story point appears to have not had much screentime since it was introduced. Sure, we’re likely to always see Finn and Liz as much of the reaction on General Hospital takes place at, well, General Hospital! But there needs to be more screentime for this pair. Yes, we know how big the show’s cast of regular characters and recurring players is. However, it feels odd that two long-running daytime veteran actors, who clearly have chemistry and story, aren’t being seen more!

Certainly, Finn and Liz are worthy of a “smush” name. That’s when, as soap fans know, devotees take two people’s names and put them together as one – just as the characters become one in their relationship. While “Linn” might not be the first choice for a smush name for Finn and Liz, it sure beats the alternative. After all, the one thing Finn and Liz fans want to see is a General Hospital duo known as “Fizz.”

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