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General Hospital Wayback: Remember Jeff Webber

General Hospital Jeff WebberGeneral Hospital Jeff Webber

With all due respect to the hot doctors who have appeared throughout soap opera history and particularly on General Hospital, fans of Dr. Jeff Webber have one thing to say – hold his scalpel. Played by Richard Dean Anderson (who post-GH went on to play the title role in the original MacGyver), the sexy physician was great at his job, but he often failed to keep temperatures from rising among the women of Port Charles!

“She’s Not Crazy, Uh-Uh, No, Never. She Just Wants To Get Dr. Jeff Webber!”

Jeff came to Port Charles with his fellow doctor wife, Monica Bard, who had once been engaged to Rick, Jeff’s handsome brother. While Jeff was no slouch in the looks department, Monica only had eyes for Rick – especially after he came back from being presumed dead in a plane crash.

Jeff had a fling with Heather Grant, impregnating her in the process. Following a near-fatal shooting, Jeff briefly reunited with Monica, but soon found himself being manipulated by Heather.

“Steve Hardy Is Your Father!”
Heather went to New York and sold Steve Lars, her son with Jeff, for $10,000. She lied to Jeff that their baby had died. Jeff married Heather, who became pregnant again, but this time she miscarried.

A Lassa fever quarantine at General Hospital nearly took the life of Steve Hardy. Thinking that Steve was going to die, Audrey told Jeff, “Steve Hardy is your father!” She repeated the news until it sunk in with Jeff, who believed his parents – Lars and Helene – had a faithful union.

P.J. Is Steven Lars

Peter and Diana Taylor adopted a little boy they named P.J. (Peter Jr.). Peter suffered a heart attack after learning P.J. was Steven Lars. He died, leaving a note behind that Diana would later discover, revealing their son’s true parentage. Jeff learned his son was alive but had no idea that he was really P.J.

Heather knew the truth and tried to drug Diana with LSD but, ironically, little P.J. spun the glasses of iced tea laced with the drug on a carousel. Heather inadvertently drank the drugged tea and was institutionalized, leaving Jeff alone. He began a romance with Audrey’s niece, Annie Logan, a nurse and a virgin, whom he was already attracted to — before Heather’s reality break.

Accidental Death
Jeff planned a future with Annie and her adopted son Jeremy, but then Heather came out of her haze. She and Diana were fighting over a gun, and Diana ended up dead. But Heather wasn’t the killer. Alice, Heather’s long-suffering mother, got in the middle of the argument that the two women were having and accidentally shot Diana.

Still, Jeff didn’t feel that Heather should be near Steven Lars. Rick suggested that Jeff take a job out of state to get away from Heather. He agreed. Annie stayed behind. Months later, Annie was devastated to learn that Jeff had moved on to a relationship with another woman.

Darling Daughters
Jeff went on to father three daughters – Sarah, Elizabeth, and Hayden – after leaving Port Charles. First, Sarah and Liz came to town. Liz was a bit spoiled but after she was raped, Lucky fell in love with her. She moved on to romances with Xander, Jason, Ric, and Franco.

Today, she’s the mother of Jeff’s three grandsons: Cameron, Jake, and Aiden. The trio of boys performed a song at their mom’s wedding to Franco. Later, Liz learned that her father had also fathered Hayden. Despite having family in Port Charles, Jeff has yet to return to the hamlet that he once called home. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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