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Five Fast Facts About Hayden Barnes on General Hospital

It doesn’t look like it will be smooth sailing for Anna and Finn on General Hospital — not when we hear that Rebecca Budig is bringing her character, Hayden Barnes, back to Port Charles in the near future. In case you don’t remember why this could cause a problem, here are five fast facts about the character.

Baby Daddy
When Hayden left town on September 5, 2017, she completely broke Finn’s (Michael Easton) heart. He thought they were going to be married, have a baby, and buy a house. Instead, she lied (only the audience knows this) that she lost the baby so he would let her go. Expect that little nugget to play greatly in her return to Port Charles.

Sister Act
Hayden is actually the half-sister of Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), and while the two violently hated each other at first, they eventually made peace with each other. Hayden even donated blood to save Liz. It appears they have even kept in touch. Though that seems a bit strange because Hayden is in big trouble with the law.

On the Lam
Hayden was in big trouble when she left town — it was one of the reasons she left. She had embezzled money from General Hospital to pay her ex-husband, Jared, $250,000 because he knew she hit a woman while driving drunk — in fact, he did the time for the crime.

Special Bond
Hayden helped Finn, who was still devastated over the loss of his wife, kick his addiction and find the strength to move forward. Finn couldn’t lose Hayden, too, and it was because of her that he was able to redeem himself by finally finding a cure for Blackwood’s syndrome, which killed his wife and almost killed him and Hayden.

Princely Past
Hayden was involved with Laura’s (Genie Francis) son, Nikolas, who tried to have Hayden killed (to be fair, she did try to blackmail him). She was shot in the head but managed to survive. Before she left, she still enjoyed a nice relationship with his son, Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel).

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Elizabeth & Hayden Refuse To Believe That They Are Sisters ~ GH

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