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Who’s the Boss? General Hospital’s Carly – Laura Wright’s Killing It

Carly Laura Wright Cyrus Jeff Kober General HospitalCarly Laura Wright Cyrus Jeff Kober General Hospital

A Soap Hub premonition? Months ago we wrote, “Move Over Jason. Why General Hospital’s Carly Would Be a Kick-Ass Mob Boss.” Now, it’s come to fruition, and Laura Wright’s killing it.

General Hospital Commentary: She’s Got the Power

Obviously, we knew she had it in her. Wright’s absolutely fierce in her portrayal of Carly; a fire-breathing dragon when it comes to protecting her family and turf. So when Jason (Steve Bond) was shot and incapacitated after his break out from the hospital, what choice did she have but to take his place at the meeting of the town’s crime families?

Grand Entrance

But Wright exceeded our grandest expectations, taking immediate charge of the situation. Holding her head high, she strutted into the room, a mafia goddess in sexy stilettos. Then she shed her white-hot coat to reveal an even hotter dress and got down to business, boldly taking her seat at the head of the table. There was no fear in her eyes. She was an empowered woman, doing what had to be done.

The room was in awe, captivated as she spoke her peace. All except for Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober), who had entered believing his time had finally come to take over control of Port Charles. He was outraged and indignant, imploring the assembled group to realize it was all a sham. He dismissed Carly as a lowly hotel manager with no knowledge, let alone expertise, about running a crime family. He called her “emotional” and “reckless.”

Fueled and Furious

The denigration only fueled Wright’s momentum, as Carly emerged more fierce and strong. She brazenly cautioned Cyrus to watch his tone and step. She was calling the shots now that Sonny (Maurice Benard) was gone, and he didn’t want to be a target.

While the tension in the room intensified, Cyrus presented his case to be the new mob “capo,” noting that there would be vast profits for all the families. Surely they didn’t want Carly to deprive them of that? Upon suggesting Carly be evicted from the table, Wright shifted into maximum power mode.

The Final Act

Carly jumped to her feet cautioning that the future wouldn’t be stable with Cyrus in charge. He’d swallow the other territories and left the families “trampled in his wake.” She threatened consequences if action was taken against her family and promised Cyrus would lose as he had in the past. Then Carly sat down and smiled, displaying complete confidence in her impromptu performance.

Wright proved she can hang with the big boys – and gals, even when they’re mobsters. She absolutely won’t be intimidated, and that makes Carly’s sudden turn as a mob boss totally believable for however long it lasts. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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