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Girl Power: Which Woman Will Bring Down Cyrus on General Hospital?

Cyrus General HospitalCyrus General Hospital

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Cyrus is super bad on General Hospital. So, so bad. The baddest. He does bad things! Which means he needs to be stopped.

General Hospital Polling

Never send a man to do a woman’s job. So which one will get the job done? What almost 5,000 voters had to say:

Look Out For Liesl

Bad needs to be taken down by bad. And Liesl (Kathleen Gati) knows from bad, 35% of you remind. This woman survived Faison (Anders Hove). In comparison, Cyrus is literally nothing. She can move him out of the way with the flick of a finger and never even break stride.

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Think Of Laura

A slightly smaller 29% of the audience is giving the edge to Mayor Laura (Genie Francis). Not only does she have a legitimate power base, but she is Cyrus’s (Jeff Kober) long-lost half-sister. She is personally invested. Her family can’t be associated with mobsters!

Why Not?

With Sonny (Maurice Benard) presumed dead, his mantle of infallibility must naturally pass on to Carly (Laura Wright). He may have even left it directly to her in his will. Carly has nothing to focus on these days, now that Wiley is back with Michael (Chad Duell), so she might as well go after the man who is giving the mafia a bad name 22% of you say!

Lady Cop

Then 12% remind that Anna (Finola Hughes) used to be a super-spy, and a Chief of Police, so why not set her after Cyrus? She knows how to take down bad guys, and she could use a win. Especially after being played by Peter (Wes Ramsey).

Oh, Yeah, Her

Remember Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry)? The current Chief of Police? Only 2% even considered letting her deal with a criminal in Port Charles. Maybe she could consider doing her job once in a while and get a bad guy or two off the street? General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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