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Weeping Widow: Which Man Did Carly Mourn More on General Hospital?

General Hospital Carly, Jason and SonnyGeneral Hospital Carly, Jason and Sonny

Death comes for all men – and women – eventually…it just seems to do it a wee bit more frequently on General Hospital. First, Carly Corinthos lost her beloved husband, Sonny Corinthos.

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Carly (Laura Wright) married best friend Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) for purely business reasons – pretending she hadn’t been in love with him, too, for the past two decades – in time for Sonny (Maurice Benard) to come back from the dead. And then Jason died. Again. Which man did the Black Widow mourn more? What over 2,000 fans think they saw:

My Best Friend’s GH Wedding

Carly knew Jason before she ever knew Sonny. She slept with Jason before she slept with Sonny. She tried to pass baby Michael off as Jason’s son before she decided that Sonny was still a better option than AJ Quartermaine.

The point is, Jason has always meant more to Carly than Sonny, which is why 46% of the audience is convinced she mourned and continues to mourn the true love of her life deeper and longer than she ever did for the also-ran known as Sonny.

General Hospital: Even Steven

She loved and mourned them both equally, 43% of you rush to restore the peace. Carly needs to be worshipped and adored at all times, and one man will never be enough. She needed to combine worship and adoration of both Jason and Sonny to continue functioning, and losing either one of them was like losing the combined light of the sun in the morning and the moon at night.

The Other GH Guy

Only 11% felt more pain coming from Carly over Sonny than Jason. After all, they have children together. And Carly loves her children. She even loves Sonny’s children that she didn’t give birth to, but still helped take from their mothers. You never get over losing a man who inspired that in you!

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