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Four Big Reasons Firing Robert Palmer Watkins Was A HUGE Mistake

Top 4 Reasons Firing Robert Palmer Watkins General Hospital

News that General Hospital (GH) fired Robert Palmer Watkins has infuriated fans.

The talented actor, who has played Dillon Quartermaine since 2015, had emerged as a fan favorite since joining the soap. Not only had Watkins instilled Dillon with an affable warmth and likability, but he also easily fit into the core of the “Q” clan, which is not an easy feat.

Hence, giving the actor — and his character — the boot is, in a word, unforgivable. Read on for the top four reasons why firing him is a huge mistake.

Killing “Killon”
First and foremost, the move means the death of “Killon” — aka Kiki (Hayley Erin) and Dillon — as viewers know it. The sweet chemistry shared by Watkins and Erin was as good as it gets.

The twosome clicked on every level and absolutely radiated when they were onscreen together. The pair’s connection was unique, and it won’t be replicated.

“Q” Quota Falling
Just when the Quartermaine family had regrouped and seemed on the verge of a resurgence, Watkins’ axing as Dillon throws things into a tizzy, again. The Q’s survived a major hit when Jane Elliot departed as Tracy.

But with Olivia and Ned’s marriage and the focus firmly placed on the brotherly bond between Ned and Dillon, the clan was successfully moving forward. Now the Quartermaines find themselves another man down.

Where Are the 20-Somethings?
GH is seriously lacking in the 20-something, leading man department. They lost a stellar performer when Bryan Craig chose to exit as Morgan. With Watkins’ dismissal, it leaves Chad Duell’s Michael as the lone representative in the group.

Actors in that age range, who can bring it like Watkins can, are few and far between. They should be appreciated and valued — instead of showing him the door,

Farewell My Friend
Dillon’s departure will also have an effect on Nina (Michelle Stafford). The two were more than just co-workers. Dillon was Nina’s only real friend. He was her go-to guy to talk things out, particularly when it came to her love life.

And it worked, despite how awkward and uncomfortable it often made Dillon feel. Without him around, Nina will be seriously lacking in the confidante department.

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