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GH Spoilers Speculation: Is This Who’s Behind Weird Things For Liz?

GH Spoilers Elizabeth Webber BaldwinGH Spoilers Elizabeth Webber Baldwin

GH spoilers point to a variety of options regarding who is behind Elizabeth Webber Baldwin’s recent disturbing incidents. It could be Franco Baldwin’s ghost. It could be a split personality – FLiz (i.e. Fake Liz)? It could be yet another Cassadine plot. Or it could be…the victim of the last Cassadine plot about Liz? Could Jake be the one behind the ripped wedding gown, the missing ring, and more?

GH Spoilers Speculation: The Past Isn’t in the Past

Are we just supposed to forget that Jake (Hudson West) was kidnapped from his home and parents, spirited away to an island where he was mothered by HELENA Cassadine (Constance Towers) for literally years until Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson) found him and brought him home? Next, Jake lost Lucky as a dad and got Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). Jason cared so little for Jake that the lad latched onto stepfather Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth). And then Franco died. And then Jason died. Has anyone considered maybe getting the child some therapy? If not, all sorts of things could happen!

Means and Opportunity

Jake lives with Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst). He has access to her rings. He has access to her wedding rings. And who better than a disturbed child to figure out how to disturb his mother. Elizabeth has been so busy with Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton), Cam Webber’s (William Lipton) relationship with Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy), and Maxie Jones’s (Kirsten Storms) missing baby saga, she could easily be overlooking her middle son. (Those kids are statistically likely to be the most overlooked even in non-soap opera families.) This could be Jake’s way of saying, “Hey, remember me?”

End Game

But what does Jake want? What is he hoping to achieve? Just his mommy’s attention? Or is the finally the payoff to the brainwashing Helena supposedly did to him?

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