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GH Spoilers Speculation: How Sonny and Michael Will Reunite

GH Spoilers Michael and SonnyGH Spoilers Michael and Sonny

GH spoilers revealed how Michael Corinthos forgave his adoptive dad, Sonny Corinthos, for killing his biological dad, AJ Quartermaine. But finding out that Sonny cheated on Michael’s mommy, Carly Corinthos…with that icky Nina Reeves of all people, is the last straw.

GH Spoilers Speculation

That sin is more than Michael (Chad Duell) can bear. It seems that the father and son team will grow further apart before they grew closer again. Here’s how over 2,000 viewers predict their relationship will play out:

GH: Time Enough To Last

Michael always eventually forgives Sonny (Maurice Benard), 75% of fans remind, but, this time around, you speculate it’s going to take more than a few weeks. It was one thing when Michael learned that Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny deliberately kept him away from not just AJ, but the entire Quartermaine family, that Sonny forced AJ to sign away his parental rights to Michael by hanging AJ on a meat hook, and that he then got rid of AJ permanently.

Those were all done in the name of love. Love for Michael. So all those sins are forgivable. However, Sonny thinking about someone other than Michael for a change? That kind of blow takes a long time to heal.

GH Spoilers: Easy Does It

On the other hand, 18% of you predict that Michael will get over his little hangups in the blink of an eye. Sonny is the bestest man Michael knows. He’ll never find a better role model for young Wiley on how to grow up as an upstanding fellow.

General Hospital: End of the Road

Only 7% speculate that this hissy fit of Michael’s will last longer than over a commercial break. This could finally be the thing that opens Michael’s eyes once and for all to the horrible people who raised him and brainwashed him into thinking the mob life was the only decent option, and everyone else was a hypocrite for pretending not to love it as much as they did.

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