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Soap Hub Travel Tuesday: GH’s Lydia Look – Home Is Where the Heart Is

Lydia Look, as no-nonsense lady mobster Selina Wu, calls Port Charles her home these days. However, the General Hospital actress, a native of Singapore, loves…

Lydia LookLydia Look

Lydia Look, as no-nonsense lady mobster Selina Wu, calls Port Charles her home these days. However, the General Hospital actress, a native of Singapore, loves to travel. She recently sat down with us to chat about her journeys for the latest installment of Soap Hub’s Travel Tuesday.

Lydia Look Loves Nesting But Has Also Traveled Extensively

Recently, Soap Hub has chatted with GH stars Kin Shriner (Scotty Baldwin) and others about their travels. Now, Look is talking about her journeys. She has traveled to many places throughout the world for both pleasure and work. These days, she loves not only being close to home but is greatly enjoying her recurring role as Selina Wu on GH. Find out the actress’s thoughts on travel and how to make the most of it!

Soap Hub: Where is your dream place to visit?
Lydia Look:
These days…home. Where my family is. Where my heart is. I look forward to my once yearly sojourn home to the city island state of Singapore.

Soap Hub: What has been your favorite place you’ve visited so far, and what inspired you to go there?
Lydia Look:
There are too many to list, so I will narrow it to my favorite this year — Venice, Italy. I’ve been there numerous times, but each time feels like the first time, always. Venice stirs some strong emotions up [which] means they are never the same kind twice. I studied European history and love going there.

Soap Hub: If someone else were to go there, what places/sites would you tell them they must be sure to see while there?
Lydia Look:
Go when the Venice Biennale is on. It blew my mind this year.

Soap Hub: Recommendations for where to stay or where to go for food?
Lydia Look:
I stayed in a flat overlooking the water in San Samuele and saw a whole lot from my windows! Try the restaurants in the alleys away from the main squares and crowds. Eat gelato every day. Twice or more, preferably, each day.

Soap Hub: Do you have any special travel tips for anyone planning on going there?
Lydia Look:
Yes. Go before the summer crowds if you can, and always have a chic hat and equally chic shades. I prefer oversized for both for that extra chic.

Soap Hub: How did traveling there make you feel?
Lydia Look:
‘Mi sentivo molto chic,’ [which means I felt very chic] and I love that.

Soap Hub: Did it change you at all?
Lydia Look:
Yes. Traveling always makes me feel unhinged, in a good reset sort of way.

Soap Hub: When you travel, do you stick to a schedule and plan everything you want to see and do in advance or do you show up with little idea and just go with the flow?
Lydia Look:
No schedules unless I’m filming or taping — ever. I come as I am and do as I please always.

Soap Hub: Do you stick to tourist areas, or do you immerse yourself in the local traditions/cultures?
Lydia Look:
I go where the locals go.

Soap Hub: How many suitcases do you bring? Are you a light packer or pack way more than necessary?
Lydia Look:
I always travel light. Just a carry-on and never check-in luggage unless I’m working on a film or TV show for weeks at a time.

Soap Hub: What’s your funniest travel story?
Lydia Look:
I was on the back of a scooter with a friend zipping through a small town in South America where the local traveling circus was passing through. We passed some lions in a cage that were mounted on a truck. I was two feet from them, and they roared, and we screamed in unison with them as we rode side by side through town. We were so close I could smell their collective breaths as they roared. It was hair-raising and terrifyingly funny.

Soap Hub: Can you speak any languages fluently? Have you ever traveled somewhere where English wasn’t the primary language? If so, how did you navigate in the city and ask questions?
Lydia Look:
I speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Singlish, and some Malay in addition to English.

Soap Hub: Have you ever been on a solo vacation? If so, what is your biggest piece of advice when traveling alone?
Lydia Look:
Yes. Besides the usual safety precautions, I put into practice the deep laws of attraction. Maintaining a loving, joyous mindset so as to attract like-minded sojourners.

Soap Hub: What’s the most unique food that you have ever tried, and where was it from?
Lydia Look:
Deep-fried scorpions on a skewer stick, satay style, from a street vendor at Nong Khai, the border of Thailand and Laos…they were tasty!

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