This Ends Now: What Should General Hospital’s Valentin Do About Victor?

General Hospital Valentin Cassadine and Victor CassadineGeneral Hospital Valentin Cassadine and Victor Cassadine

Victor Cassadine thinks he has his son Valentin Cassadine over a barrel on General Hospital — now that he’s gotten his hands on Papa’s little darling, Charlotte Cassadine.

General Hospital Polling

But Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) is not known for his tendency to lie down and die at the first sign of a threat. What almost 3,000 voters think Val should do about his own papaaaaaaaah:

GH: Secret Weapon

Valentin has not only been obsessing over Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) for multiple decades because she gorgeous, brilliant, and dances a mean tango. No, Valentin also recognizes Anna for the badass that she is.

Which is why 81% of the General Hospital audience thinks he should deputize her to track down and rescue his daughter…and, once she does, he should kill Victor (Charles Shaughnessy), and put an end to his pesky problem, once and for all.

General Hospital: Problem Child

A much smaller 17% of you want Valentin to play The Ransom of Red Chief. Charlotte is a holy terror. Valentin should call Victor’s bluff, and let him deal with the little brat until he’ll be willing to do anything to get rid of her. That, or Charlotte will just find her own way back to Port Charles. In either case, she’s not helpless. She is a Cassadine, after all. They never say die. Or, you know, die.

GH: Listen Closely

Only 2% of General Hospital fans are either taking Victor’s threat to make his granddaughter disappear seriously…or you’re hoping he actually does. This is the number of people who think Valentin should do anything Victor asks in order to get his Charlotte back.

If Victor would threaten his own son, why wouldn’t he stash his granddaughter where the child will never be found. Hey, whatever happened to that island where the Ice Princess was first developed — and patriarch Mikkos Cassadine (John Colicos) breathed his last?

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