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Gone For Good: Is Ryan Chamberlain Truly General Hospital Dead This Time?

Or is this merely a little break before the next reign of terror?

general hospital ryan chamberlain alive and very much dead...maybeIs GH's Ryan most sincerely dead this time?

Ava Jerome Cassadine picked up a gun and, with Heather Webber’s support, plugged Ryan Chamberlin in the back on General Hospital. Then Mac Scorpio shot him in the front. That’s the kind of thing that’s kind of tough to come back from. Unless you live in Port Charles, that is.

General Hospital Polling

We’ve seen people rise from these kinds of setbacks before. Heck, even Austin (Roger Howarth) popped up to politely remind them that he isn’t dead yet and would anyone like to take him to the hospital? So is Ryan, despite the bullets, still in a position to continue inflicting terror on all who he believes have done him wrong? We heard from almost 2,000 never say die voters:

GH: Wrong Show

Of course, he’s dead, 5% sniff. This isn’t Days of our Lives. Dr. Rolf isn’t lurking around every corner, ready to steal any and all bodies, hook them up to his magic machine, and keep them there until somebody is willing to pay him to bring them back to life. Nobody would pay to bring Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) to life. Which means his days of wreaking havoc are over and done with.

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Ryan Chamberlain: Do You Know Who I Am?

Did you forget whom we were dealing with here, 27% of General Hospital fans would like to know? This is Ryan! Ryan Chamberlin! How many times has he “died?” How many times has he come back? If losing a whole hand didn’t stop him, how much damage can a couple of pieces of metal around his heart do? It’s not like he uses it for anything.

General Hospital: Body Farm

Last time, they didn’t find Ryan’s body. This time, it’s right there, 68% would like to point out. How can he come back to life if his body is lying there for everyone to see? Like Stavros’s? Or Nikolas’s? Or Nelle’s? That would be so weird, right? This time, Ryan is gone for good. Feel free to relax, Port Charles.

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