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GH Spoilers Speculation: Esme Isn’t Really Ryan Chamberlin’s Daughter

This General Hospital tale has all been a plot to control Esme Prince.

gh spoilers speculation that esme prince my not even be ryan chamberlain's childIs Esme Prince really Ryan's daughter?

GH spoilers tease that DNA is a very important substance in Port Charles. Except when it isn’t. A DNA test was what Carly used to find out if Nina was really Willow’s biological daughter. A DNA test was what Portia didn’t need to think that Curtis was Trina’s father.

GH Spoilers Speculation

And a DNA test didn’t even seem to cross the mind of Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) when Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) told her he was her dad. OK, the schemer shrugged. I believe you. Now let’s go do some terrible things together! But Ryan isn’t exactly known for his honesty. He is, however, known for his manipulation. So what if this was all a long con?

General Hospital: Motivation Tapes

Ryan was stuck in a mental institution. He had every reason to need an accomplice who was free to come and go as she pleased. It would also be nice if she was young and naive. Even nicer if she was young and thought she was so smart and sophisticated. Those tend to be the easiest ones to manipulate.

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GH Spoilers: Method To My Madness

Ryan could have done his research, and found a young woman who was clearly already unstable — do we know exactly how her adoptive parents died? — and one who was desperate for not just a family, but a guiding hand. Ryan tracked her down, fed her a bunch of lies, and got her to basically do all his dirty work for him. It’s the perfect, foolproof plan!

GH: Like a Hole in the Head

How do we know that the Esme we met is not entirely the product of Ryan’s psycho brainwashing? Maybe she really isn’t the monster we’ve been led to believe. Ryan just made her that way. What if the fall she took and the blow to the head actually reverted her to the person she was before Ryan got his hands on her? This is the real Esme. The other one was just Ryan’s puppet.

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