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Performer of the Week: General Hospital’s Nicolas Bechtel Rips Your Heart Out

General Hospital Star Nicolas Bechtel

Spencer hasn’t been back that long but Nicolas Bechtel is already making an impact on General Hospital (GH) – in fact, his recent work has earned him Performer of the Week.

In the story, Spencer has learned that Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) will probably be going to prison, which gets the young man thinking about how to acquire the family home on Spoon Island, that he sees as his birthright.

Now Spencer has always been resourceful, so it wasn’t too surprising when he gave Grandma Laura (Genie Francis) and her love Kevin (Jon Lindstrom), the slip at Kelly’s, grabbing an Uber and heading off to confront Valentin’s estranged wife.

It was obvious he took Nina (Michelle Stafford) by surprise when he showed up unannounced at her Crimson office.

Nina was incredibly patient and gentle, her maternal side emerging as she managed to get Spencer talking about what was really bothering him.

Bechtel deftly went from Spencer’s false bravado as he tried to browbeat the house away from Nina, to despair as he finally admitted it had nothing to do with retrieving his ancestral home, the only home he had ever known.

Nina was able to get him to finally open up about his father’s death and what it meant to him.

“Every single day, every moment in my life, I miss my father,” he shared, making a tear fall down the cheek of this reviewer, who had to realize her own cold dead heart was a bit mushy after seeing this young boy’s pain. Nina comforted him, and it was glorious.

The sight even surprised his grandmother, who finally figured out where her wayward grandson had fled.

Kudos to all the actors involved, but especially Bechtel — who really brought it all home to viewers exactly how much Nikolas is still missed.

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